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  1. Your link to the forum post for AVIONICS is broken, BTW. I'm still trying to sort out some weird mod issues myself.
  2. Did you ever figure out what's causing your issue? I'm also having planets missing and trying to nail down which mod is causing it. Imgur Album
  3. Having all sorts of weird issues still though...happened to notice I'm missing almost all planets...Kerbin still has the Mun & Minmus, but the only other planets out there are Eve and Jool, and Jool is missing all of its moons except for Laythe. I think I need to start my massive modlist from scratch and see what's up.
  4. Ah sorry, you were talking about Kopernicus Expansions earlier, not Kopernicus itself. Somehow I still had Kopernicus Expansions leftover from an earlier version that will still being picked up. I had to change my filter in CKAN to show AutoDetected mods.
  5. Sorry I don't mean the main menu, I mean in game itself. I also had Kopernicus installed, which killed the clouds in game. But both CKAN and KSP AVC show it as 1.2.2 compatible, unless you meant by itself it is compatible, but it breaks the clouds in SVE.
  6. If this is still true, it's not reflected in either CKAN or KSP AVC. However, removing Kopernicus fixes the no clouds issue for me.
  7. They do have one that can be purchased from their store, in case you really wanted it. Up Goer 5 Poster
  8. This happens quite often with CKAN it seems, but the problem as I understand it is because the mod repository is mainly community maintained and not by the mod's own devs. Last I checked Ferram won't even offer support if you installed any of his mods with CKAN.
  9. Do you use KSP AVC for version tracking? I notice the new release doesn't have a version file in it, but I also installed the old version through CKAN.
  10. You could add this bit of code to the part configs (or create a module manager patch yourself so you don't change the original at all) : You probably need to tweak the camera position settings though, as each one is a little different. { MODULE { name = MuMechModuleHullCameraZoom cameraName = NavCam cameraForward = 0, 1, 0 cameraUp = 0, 0, -1 cameraPosition = 0, 0.07, 0 cameraFoVMax = 60 cameraFoVMin = 60 cameraMode = 1 } }
  11. OK, so it's not actually all the cameras, it seems to just be the boostercam that has crosshairs.
  12. I also have the same problem and nobody gave an answer. Definitely a bug because the other cameras shouldn't have the crosshairs, just the docking camera. FYI I'm using the CKAN version.
  13. Does anyone else have an issue with the stars not dimming when in LKO? Even happens in the map view. If I zoom way out it works like it should, but as soon as I zoom back in... Sometimes it works correctly again, and then later it stops.
  14. That actually makes a lot more sense now that you explain it that way. Thanks!
  15. Not sure if something is interacting funnily with KSPX (which it shouldn't) but is there a reason the Escape Tower decouples the same stage it fires now? There's no separate staging icon for decoupling, so not sure what's going on.
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