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  1. Install .NET Framework? Just Google it and go to the first link from Microsoft. Install the package and you're done. Also, if you think your motherboard is broken (something that a virus can't do, by the way) I advise you to buy a new computer or at least a new motherboard.
  2. Wouldn't that be a great way to further optimize the game, or are there serious drawbacks to that method?
  3. Yep, a lower polycount on a lot of stock parts would be better, and is absolutely possible without degrading any detail, especially if you texture the models properly.
  4. That 'pointless tedium' is 50% of the game. But let's not turn this in a Mechjeb debate. The OP was quite clear with the rules: no Mechjeb. Why do you people still feel the need to argue with that rule? Make your own challenge is you disagree, but stop arguing here.
  5. A great mod. I suggest however, to use 'cargo' as a resource instead of ores you have to mine. I believe the Orbital Construction mod does something similar. If you want to build a rocket consiting of an orange tank, a mainsail, a decoupler, a capsule, and a parachute, you'll have to fly those parts to your colony. 'Disassembled' perhaps, in a special container. A container can carry a set amount of weight. You can only use the parts that are in stock in your extra-planetary launchpad to build a ship. Could give it a more interesting angle and give you an actual reason to make regular restocking flights.
  6. Agreed. But I have the feeling the devs have their own plans about the game, and won't dumb the game down so quickly if the community demands it.
  7. So basically you're saying that it's okay if KSP becomes a bug-ridden, unplayable mess because the devs don't fix bugs anymore? People paid for the game. I have no problem with some harmless bugs, it's an alpha after all. But there's a testing team, we can expect from the devs that they at least tackle game-breaking bugs like these.
  8. I agree. An opt-in for testing seems the best. Besides that, the game being an alpha is not an excuse for game-breaking bugs. If the game was free, and there weren't dedicated testing teams, I would've understood it if I encountered game-breaking bugs.
  9. Well, I can confirm that at least one wing configuration makes it possible to fly with FAR. It was a bit hard to get off the ground, and the plane flies a bit twitchy, but it works.
  10. Good idea, a spherical tank. Could you perhaps create an alternative, more 'boring' texture? Simply plain white painted or unpainted metal? Perhaps some grooves where the plates connect, and some rivets or screws.
  11. Are you planning on making an internal for the inline jet cockpit too? That would be great.
  12. I think this belongs in general discussion. At least not in the addon development subforum.
  13. The lines in the top left of the SSTV image remind me of the logo of Lockheed Martin. Other then that... I'd go with relative coordinates.