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  1. Nice work! I like it, now for some hopefully constructive criticism, basically the only thing that's sticking out for me is the cockpit the only thing that I would do is change the texture of it to something like the B9 pack has done or the stock KSP airplane cockpit would be even better. Anyways good job!
  2. Welcome! And don't worry you'll get a hang of it, it is not that difficult, however if you tried it before the manuver nodes were introduced well... Anyways welcome and have a great time playing KSP!
  3. Ok I decided to keep the clouds and I love it but is there any chance to get a higher res cloud textures, or volumetric clouds, now that would really be awesome
  4. Hmm.... I know you probably checked but just in case, is your KSP up to date with 0.22, because the only time I remember having that problem was in the previous versions 0.21 and before.
  5. Getting close the the Alcubierre drive, one question though deuterium how do I get more I need it for my fusion engine. Edit: I just noticed that the answer was literally a post above but when I splash down what do I need to get it? (which module)
  6. Lets just say I like clear skies Thank you!
  7. Is there a seperate download only for the lights without clouds, or does it have to be done manually?
  8. Ok the college eased up a bit lets see if I can make some models
  9. Aye, and plus they only scratched the surface if even that.
  10. Kerbal EVA suit customization, meaning you research new technologies for your EVA suits lets say a bigger "backpack" which would give you more fuel, or for example later on mag boots. Also the ability to customize the appearance of the suit like colors and such.
  11. The title basically says it all. I love the way that Squad is making this game, with each update this game gets better and better, and 0.22 is just awesome. However I belive that the next step should be implementing multi core support, I know that it is difficult with unity and KSP (at least that's what I heard), but I belive this should be done next. I have a very strong machine, however as soon as I build a bigger spacecraft the game starts lagging so I believe that this should be taken care of next. Once again I love all the work that squad has done so far keep it up! So what is your opinion on this? P.S. I know it is still early to talk about 0.23 but I thought I might just as well start the topic.
  12. Great I'll see what I can do however I can't promise too much due to the fact that I am time constraint here because of college and my upcoming drivers license test but will see what I can do in the spare time
  13. I was just about to ask that, if I have two mods both of which are tech tree implemented than how do I get them to work together in a single career game.