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  1. Granted, Sky cranes to Duna heve been done before. But it seems lowering the rover via cables is not done too many times. SO, here's mine. Blast off: In orbit attachment of winches to sockets: Burn for Duna: Aero braking: Deployment of heatshield and fairing: Final descent on Sky crane: Lowering Percy2020 (it landed on all 6 wheels):
  2. If this alien ship would be so kind to conform to our understanding of the laws of physics, it would probably radiate an enormous amount of energy to brake from interstellar speeds to anything near orbital velocity near our sun. I think it should be easily detectable. Always wondered WHO would find them and how far out they would be. Can we, maybe for the sake of argument, assume something in size and energy output of Daedalus?
  3. Off all the stuff human kind has send up there is a lot of Astronomy related hardware. I want to do Astronomy in KSP! I'm on board with this.
  4. In the words of the great philosopher H. Simpson: Whoohoo!
  5. I was hoping 1130m/s burns from LKO to Minmus would be resolved by this, But it isn't. Did I miss a (new) setting somewhere? Nevermind. It seems to work now..
  6. Well, I've been using 1/6 since my first steps on the internet a LONG ago so, I can't....
  7. kerbalspaceprogram.com just made it to the list of blocked websites of my work's internet filter. content:games So, no more browsing during my lunch break. But, hey, you made it to the big league!
  8. I came here for the answers. I am playing Kerbal Slide Show most of the times as well. With 'only' 49 mods installed... right... specs: latest KSP 1.3.1:1891 i5-6600 16GB RAM Win10 Pro R9 280x 3GB
  9. Keeping politics out of this discussion will prove to be *very* hard... Before the last US-election, I would have replied that we (the UN) would be discussing colonisation until well in the 2200's. After that we would probably go for a small (but quite heavily armed) research outpost somewhere in a remote area. There will be contact with the inhabitants. We would never go "Avatar" on them. Now, I am not sure that would never happen.
  10. I'll take Astronomy, please. Give me a reason to, and means to do astronomy. Build telescopes on KSC, build orbital telescopes, build telescope on the far side of Eeloo, etc. Discover Asteroids (to intercept and divert), planets, moons to go to, nebulae (eye candy), imminent super novae (predict GRB's), comets! Yay for Astronomy! Oh, and a manipulation of the lithosphere. I would *love* to cover my bases with dirt
  11. The other day I was wondering I should write to Lego to convince them to relaunch a Lego Space line. I would totally buy every set. This is an adequate start
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