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  1. Yeah, I mean before we know it there'll be an ORBITER thread, just imagine it...
  2. Have you atll read the OP or the past few pages? Licensing issues.
  3. If I must favourite ponies. Not in any particular order, except for Octavia and Rarity, they are first- and second- favourite, respectively. Octavia Rarity Fluttershy Roseluck Nightmare Moon Princess Luna Vinyl Scratch Derpy Hooves
  4. It's a large payload into orbit, BUT you can't have parachutes if you have liquid engines, and you can't have more than one stage of liquid engines.
  5. H button fires the RCS to propel the craft relatively "forwards", IIRC.
  6. 1/10 for gaping hole in your avatar. Remember the Rule of Thirds.
  7. I believe one of the mods in the old vBulletin forums (Moach) made a heatshield part that did this. But that's gone now. Still, proof of possibility. EDIT: Ninja'd
  8. It's a human, or "Man." However Navy is offline so he can't confirm Seret's answer. It's the riddle of the Sphinx.
  9. So does Navy post a riddle now? Otherwise; A man who lives on the tenth floor takes the elevator down to the first floor every morning and goes to work. In the evening, when he comes back; on a rainy day, or if there are other people in the elevator, he goes to his floor directly. Otherwise, he goes to the seventh floor and walks up three flights of stairs to his apartment. Can you explain why?
  10. How could I be such an idiot. Belief / Religion?
  11. A really cool guy overall, who happens to share a few common interests with me.
  12. Earphones. Maybe I could try garrote...
  13. Most probably never. Note: due to licensing issues, Novapunch is currently unavailable for download. This includes releasing updates for it obviously. And I don't think SundayPunch will ever re-appear to authorise this use of his work.
  14. Quick question, is the post thing total posts or active posts? Because I know for a fact the Post counter in the left-hand side is for active posts; I used to have excess 1k, but the counter has gone down. Not really important to me, just a quick little question that popped into my head unwillingly.
  15. Most probably engine(game engine, that is) instability.
  16. Look at thread dates. Someone lock this.
  17. That has been suggested several times over the past year. Please remember to search for your idea on the forums, just to see if other people have suggested it and what their answer was.
  18. CarolRawley


    Well Tim, feel free to hit me up whenever I'm online. Although, it may be bit annoying considering time differences. EDIT: Being an unknown quantity is fun EDIT EDIT: If you're serious about the interview thing, just PM me some questions and I'll answer them and send them back.
  19. You know, this could be absolutely nothing, and Nova's just messing with us. Knowing him, it's 70 it's real/30 it's like the Bin Laden WMDs.
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