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  1. I used to name mine: X or bust, like Mun or bust, orbit or bust. Actually leave the Launchpad or bust...
  2. I've named Missions after fallen Kerbal pioneers. I also like to Imagine that My scientist kerbals and my pilots kerbals are always at odds since most of my mission failures are because of me being to greedy and trying to get extra science and has caused many a pilot death. I also have a grave yard on the Island runway. It currently has 17 flags
  3. So i was curious if anyone has actually measured the radius of the Mohole? I'm planning on trying to make a base that would actually cover the hole and be able to drop a small craft to the bottom, conduct science and return to the base overhead. Main problem is i have no idea how bit it is and well if it's even possible to make something that big and survive a landing. any help would be appreciated? also has anyone ever attempted anything like this?
  4. Do I think the game has changed consensus? No. Or at least not yet. I'm hoping ksp turns into our generations star trek tos which was the inspiration for many scientists and engineers. My personal experience is I was already interested in space. My dad was an aerospace engineer so I grew up around this stuff. I've always thought the human race should be focused at the stars but it's going to take a lot of effort to change the majority to this line of thinking
  5. Since there are new plane parts i thought it'd be a good idea to rez this thread. This is my first plane in a Hard Mode Science save i have. It Glides terribly but hey it actually flies
  6. When was this implemented? And how do i turn the thing off? I have a Kerbal on a sub Orbital flight, eva'd and i can't get him back into the capsule because the orientation keeps changing. It's actually making me kind of motion sick.
  7. You know you over Biltmore when after launch your computer files a restraining order against you
  8. Do you use them to save doomed kerbals? I used to use a hitchhiker, prove core and parachute s but with the mrk2 plane parts I've been experimenting with a shuttle type escape pod I'm going to have four of them on my Eve mother ship just in case the areobraking goes terrible. Anyone else spend this much energy making redundancy?
  9. Verifying on steam worked. It found some corrupt files. Thanks everyone. Ummm could a mod change this to Answered?
  10. I don't go to Eve anymore. I sent a manned mission with 5 Kerbals on Board. Got the ship on an arroebrake course went to sleep planning on exploring eve When i got up in the morning. Logged in the next day and the entire crew wasn't their. tried reloading a couple of times but they never came back. Decided Eve was haunted and haven't been their since.
  11. No mods, and nothing else is missing. See the top right no icons. this is an older picture on the same computer where i did have them
  12. I just came back from a long break and The fuel display in the Top Right of my screen has diapered. No icons or anything. I've go through the setting and can't figure out where to reinitialize it. any ideas?
  13. I started in .16. I don't have any pictures but I'm still in therapy over all the kerbals I lost by crashing into that damn tower. I used to design these massive rockets and move the saves so I could launch em on the runway. Those were dark days
  14. The whole thing isn't landing. But i need to aerobrake to make sure i'll have enough fuel to get back home
  15. I;m about to conduct my first landing on another planet. And since i've never done something so extreme i'm at a loss. I'm trying to do it without tutorials to see if i can do it on my own, and i have interstellar and B9 installed. So maybe i should have figured this out first but will this thing survive an aerobraking maneuver in Duna's Atmosphere? I didn't realize how fragile it was until i tried to turn it. i do have a fail safe that will dump the bottom lander if i think it's going to fail but i would rather not cut the mission in half. thanks!
  16. So my question is how would it work? I know it wouldn't be like the movies, but would it even be possible? The defending party would always be at an advantage since the attacker is trying to hit a high speed object fired from another high speed object. This thread isn't about weaponizing ksp, just the theory behind space based combat
  17. Let me put it this way. My wife gets motion sickness watching me play
  18. Which do you prefer for a lander? Is one more efficient then the other? Ive tried both and while my two stage munlander is fun it seems pointless. Thoughts?
  19. Can i use the claw to anchor bases to planets/moons?
  20. I'll attempt the first capture tomorrow. Bellow is the first ship i've built like this. I've got 5 days till it enters Kerbin SOI. Now i'm not sure how to do it. any suggestions?
  21. day 25: It's been a race. Due to some poor mistakes two probes failed in their mission (I left SAS on). I now have the ARM Tech. I have constructed a probe to hopefully give me a little more time to design a proper ship. I'll post a picture after this nightmare of a launch
  22. Day 4: Disaster struck Munar flyby ship. All Science devices were destroyed on landing. Here hoping that the Minmus ship survives it's landing. It have 4 probes leaving Kerbin's SOI but they are 5 days out. I'll keep you posted
  23. OK. Its been about one day in game. Here's my progress: 10 missions all around kerbin using short orbital hops with too and sci Jr. I have one mun flyby enrout and a minnmus lander. I also wentin and changed the names of all my kerbins to the characters/cast of Armageddon.
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