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  1. I don't understand how you seem to find it impossible on max settings? Even just a simple SLS using the new parts is over 65+ and launching that to orbit, with volumetric clouds as well, is a breeze on the i5 SP2 4gb. I honestly have never run into a performance issue, on highest settings, with this thing. That said, most of my operations consist of LKO or Apollo-style missions, so I'm not exactly launching behemoth asparagus launchers. I imagine that yes, that would push the GPU a bit. But still, the SP2 is more than capable of handling KSP on highest settings, at full screen.
  2. That looks wonderful! Fantastic detail with the handrails
  3. I use the SP2 for everything, work, play, study etc. It's an amazing, incredibly versatile device. As well as all that, it can run KSP on full settings. I use the 128gb 4gb RAM SP2 and it can handle KSP on max with no lag whatsoever. The fan does it's work, it never overheats nor gets unbearably loud Love this device. EDIT: a mouse is pretty much essential for KSP though. I did go through about 3-4 months of not having one and got by but it was a real PITA. I eventually caved and bought the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition and haven't looked back, it's an awesome, highly portable mouse.
  4. That part looks quite good for a Block II Aardvark, Lack. Or Freedom, as you say.
  5. I would like a Saturn 1B craft file to go along with the SIB, if that's ok?
  6. I'm also a huge ETS fan. Here's a kit-bashed Apollo Block IV I put together today using only FASA and stock. I'd love to see an implementation or standardisation with FASA so I could truly realise this great alternative.
  7. I use my 128gb 4gb RAM Surface Pro 2. Highest graphics settings work like a charm and the fans only turn on occasionally. Great machine which I can pack up and send Kerbal to the Muni on bus rides with ease
  8. Ah I see. Do you think it might be possible to make the ALSEP box a KAS-style container in which the experiments can be stored? And ah I see! Good to hear, looking forward to this very much
  9. Very, very good mod! Only question I have is how do the ALSEP instruments fit in the ALSEP box? I have KAS and VNG installed and I can't figure out how they actually go in the box? Also, I'm guessing the rover rack is for Bobcat's LER?
  10. Thanks! It was a really fun night. And I still can't watch his death scene properly it just gets me every time Anyway, great work so far and I can't wait for the big reveal!
  11. Very true. As excited as I am about this project (Serenity is my favourite ship of all time), I trust that when you can spare the time you're working hard to deliver us an awesome reveal, hopefully soon I'm an enormous Firefly fan and this mod means an awful lot to me, especially knowing how incredible your previous sci-fi works are. Slightly off-topic, but I hope everybody had a very "shiny" Hallowe'en!
  12. Looking fantastic so far, lovely angles. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished thing. I recommend the Welding mod as well because it'll really knock that part count down!
  13. Today I sent up my newest and best ship, Kerbal 1, which is basically SumGai's Service Module System with a pretty kick-ass launcher. Included with the package was testing equipment for KAS 4.0, which went like a charm. After that I boosted it to a 500km orbit and docked it with a small cargo ship carrying large containers full of equipment. My ship's crew then spent a few happy hours attached to what was now a small space station with their grappling lines, floating about and building up the research outpost from what was in the boxes. It was really awesome to be able to build a space station
  14. Oh those are just wonderful, brilliant work, both of you! Can't wait to get the chance to try these out myself, big fan of this mod, had a lot of fun with it so far
  15. Hey Razorcane, any progress pics of the CM? Those models looked beautiful
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