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  1. Just FYI Fustek hasn't been updated since 0.90 as the dev's not been able to work on it.
  2. I absolutely adore this mod and look forwards to when I get to use it once again.
  3. Oh wow these look incredible.. How am I gonna squeeze Fustek into my campaign without crashing is an interesting problem though..
  4. Nice mod and quite enjoying it, it'd be nice to be able to surface attach some parts internally on the probe
  5. This looks like an awesome expansion to an awesome mod which I'm shocked no ones tried before! Can't wait to try it out!!!
  6. I'm having the exact same issue, I don't understand it. I do have a very mod heavy install admittedly but I've had the same issue in stock. Clicking on "Save and Exit" or any building just spits a nullreference error into the log.
  7. Woo look forwards to trying it out! Austinator that's now my favourite gif ever.
  8. I know you're probably sick to the back teeth with mod suggestions to integrate but may I suggest Fustek Station parts and AIES Aerospace? AIES is a great mod IMO which adds a tonne of functional parts (not to mention some nice RemoteTech antennae) and Fustek Station parts adds some really good station components which I feel would fit in. I'm looking forwards to having a play with this either way, thank god for CKAN or this would be a nightmare to install.
  9. Is there any sort of support for Kerbal Konstructs? I know it's probably been asked but I can't see it in the pages I've checked and I'm losing the will to live searching for it XD
  10. I don't know what the licensing issues might be there but at least it's popped up one way or another
  11. Would anyone be able to give me a bit of advice? I'm looking to try and get the AIES comms stuff to have RT2 functionality but I honestly have no idea where to start in the config, I'm not exactly experienced with it XD
  12. I have to say this seems like an incredible idea that I'm honestly astonished hasn't been engaged before! And I have to say if there's a way of publicly releasing the statistics (not sure about the legality in terms of privacy there) that would be incredible, will start making this the first thing I install, even if it's just to see how high I can make the numbers go >