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  1. [img Tiny Challenge 03 My first challenge here on kerbalspaceprogram.com Flightplan with a tiny manned Rocket: - Orbit Kerbin - Fly By Mun - Orbit Minmus - Land on Minmus - Fly By Mun - Land on Kerbin
  2. Hm, working with ESA and Snacks looks like Milka Chocolate now...? ^^
  3. My first try and succesfully landing with my Falcon 9 Booster on the droneship!
  4. Liquid Fuel only SSTO. Build for "conduct... missions" around Kerbin. 2500 DV in 100 Km Orbit. Extremely stable at all altitudes!
  5. Update Falcon 9 - Dragon V2 - smaller Trunk (Cargo Modul) - No Fairing - same Engine Confi ;-) All parts of this rocket can be recovered, no Debris, maximum Orbit 400 Km (if you want to recover all). I´m really wondering about that, the main stage landing is the easiest part of this...
  6. Thx for feedback! OK, thats right, buit i have to say, it´s not my goal, to build an 100% exact copy of the Falcon/Dragon. I try to build the importent things on it, to create a stable and playable version - with less than 400 parts. 1. I like the older confi more than the new style, also It´s better/easier to build 2. To Many Parts around the Pod produces heavy Drag, i can´t remove that. On wiki i found this pic about this...? 3. Hm okay, maybe i can reduce the size - my wish was an bigger trunk than the original, to bring a longer payload into orbit.
  7. Little Preview to my first fully recoverable Falcon 9.... I have to fix a few small bugs but the important thing - landing the Mainstage - is working really well right now!
  8. Hiho Guys Any solutions against the hard bouncings after dock/undock stuff? I´m not really want to add many ugly Landing Legs, besides they works not well... undock (and all tires broken) dock (Rover jumps) Example (just a small and simple crane wagon, builded in carreer to pick up some landed sience container and similar stuff)
  9. @dr.phibes Thanks Doc, why you don't use the "stock hyper edit" for testing (debug menu F12)?
  10. To carry Rover´s or something, i builded this simple and nice working Cargo Lift. Can land more than 20t and reorbiting too. Pure Stock. https://kerbalx.com/McFlyever/Cargo-Lander-with-Lift
  11. Mutch thanks @fourfa! I totally forget this "secret" Option... ^^
  12. Hello, i'm searching for a Mod that shows the Drag of an ship? I 'm know about the F12 Option, but thats only colored arrows... I need exactly ingame information ^^
  13. Thanks @wookiee_goldberg and sry to repeat this question.
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