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  1. Thanks for the replies! At least I didn't lose too much LFO, but without the ability to get the LFO out (or I could run a fuel cell in the polar region forever), I have to add new ore tanks to my mining/ refining ship before I can contribute again without losing any more LFO from the inflatables. Moving PL to be a Wolf function does make sense. At my stage of the game (not-quite-self-sustaining agroponics and LFO generation on Mun and Minmus), being able to magic materials across the Mun with zero effort/cost feels a bit cheap, although very convenient and tempting. Paying transportation credits to move containers back and forth sounds much more balanced, but I haven't unlocked that mechanic to test it myself.
  2. I'm a little confused on Quartermaster functionality. I've contributed to planetary logistics with Ore and LFO using a multi-ship mining/refining base in Mun's Farside Crater. If I put a refining base in Mun's Midlands, with a Quartermaster in it, and turn on Planetary Logistics for its storage modules, will it automatically draw Ore from the quantity the other base uploaded? Or do I need a specific component on the Midlands base to get the Ore, like a Ranger, Duna, Tundra, etc part? How do I get the LFO out of the uploaded quantity if I'm not using it in an industrial process?
  3. Running KSP, KSPIE 1.28.12, and PhotonSailor 1.7.3 (CKAN managed) This trouble started when I updated KSPIE, PhotonSailor, and other mods, and still running KSP 1.11, on 6/28, I tried updating KSP to 1.12 to see if that would fix the issue but it did not. The Gigantor XL Solar Array no longer has the option for beamed power in my career game, the menu is completely gone. Diode Beamed Power Laser and Microwave Transducer DT-MW-TD-32x are available in VAB, but neither one has information about beamed power. The log included: "interstellar_redist" is not found in my \Steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program folder or sub folders, so I'm missing both the dll and the pbd file and unable to complete the suggested fix above. "Interstellar_redist" is not listed under "Mod DLLs found:" Sounds like I need to delete KSPIE and PhotonSailor and reinstall them from scratch, hoping that brings the correct DLL and PDB files? ETA: Purging and reloading the files from CKAN did not fix the issue. I had to download the latest KSPIE manually, and copy all of the zip file's .dll files from /gamedata and /gamedata/WarpPlugin/Plugins into their respective directories.
  4. Oops, I got Umbra Space Industries confused with Universal Storage II, Universal Storage lets you add a central core of varying diameters and heights to your rocket, then add wedge- shaped modules (tanks, batteries, storage, science, etc) to add functions, and then outer fairings to reduce drag. Universal Storage supports USI already, it's a great way to hide the various life support tanks on small craft without a huge increase in drag.
  5. What about a version of the service bay with: 1) no side battery humps 2) roof to floor doors 3) optional brackets/attachment points for USI wedges 4) ladder per side If a more open service bay held three triple-height wedges per side (18 total), I think it would make for a much more organized science rover than trying to jigsaw the larger non-wedge experiments into the open cargo bays. It could then also nicely carry storage lockers for surface experiments, tools, etc.
  6. What about a part that creates a geothermal heat pump when you use it on a suitable surface, the animation drills down into the surface, then it expends a working fluid or gas you brought along in your tanks to charge the system, using the temperature difference of the heat source vs the subsurface temperature. But, bring the wrong fluid/gas and it freezes or liquefies so the system doesn't work. So water would be amazing in certain Earth biomes but do very poorly anywhere else. Xenon wouldn't transfer as much heat and costs a ton more, but would run just about anywhere, etc.
  7. Are the 'FNGCMS' part (gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer experiment) and 'FNLCMS' part disabled in They're present in \GameData\WarpPlugin\Parts\Utility\, but my rockets that use the FNGCMS experiment are marked as containing invalid parts, and neither of the parts are anywhere that I can find the tech tree after updating KSP and Interstellar Extended using multiple searches. The Gamma Ray experiement is present, so Interstellar Extended is loading properly.
  8. I'm using 1.7.2, KAS 1.4, and MKS (Along with Asteroid Recycling Technologies, Core, Exploration Pack, Freight Transport, Life Support, and Tools) Setting up two flexotubes about 4m apart on the runway (both 'crew hatch' labels facing each other), I send my engineer out with his drill, right click on both flexotubes, and neither one has a 'link' option for me to click to drag the tube from one tube face to the other. I'm able to grab the connector from an RTS-1 Resource Transfer Station to connect to a JS-1 Joint Socket, so I'm not seeing an error on KAS's side. Any ideas?
  9. Agreed, works for me now using dev build 762 from the link: MechJeb Last Successful Build It will not update from CKAN correctly, you must use the link here.
  10. MechJeb's ability to land at specific locations is broken for me as well as of 754. It will land anywhere it wants, the absolute wrong side of a moon, 100km away, 10km away, etc vs the 50m accuracy from the targeted map location or object it used to have. Landing Guidance is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. It will land your craft most of the time without destruction, that is true, but not necessarily where you want.
  11. Could you make a 3m 4x liquid engine with performance equal to four M-50 engines? The current one is practically useless with only 650 thrust. I changed the config file on mine to 1600 (vs 650) thrust, 700 heat production (vs 600) and 88 (vs 36) fuel consumption. (the M-50 has 400, 650 and 22, respectively) and it seems to work out well. The change really opens up the usefulness of a multi-stage 3m rocket since it can use the RS-501 decoupler, vs the 3m-to-5x1m adapter plate and five M-50s to get a usable amount of thrust requiring you to haul your empty tanks with you.
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