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  1. having some issues downloading this at the mo, it keeps cutting the download at about 21mb.
  2. the speed of sound depends on air pressure hence it changes at altitude.
  3. states 0.15 and 0.16 only, certainly i am having a great deal of difficulty finding panel, battery and ion engines that work all together.
  4. it's not being dropped just integrated into the other packs
  5. decent macs only?? surely a spectrum covering lower specs and higher spec machines would yield a truer set of results rather than ones for users with high end machines. (not that i own a mac, just seems funny that there is a "minimum system requirement")
  6. not a very nice person are you.
  7. Derivative works are still covered by the copyright of the original works though. People should always ask permission first, not just because it is copyrighted but also it is simple common courtesy. and you base this on what evidence exactly??
  8. as i recall, in older versions of KSP the stability of connection between parts on larger rockets was very, very poor (hence the old "wobbly rockets pack) the easiest fix for this (it seems) was to scale down the values by 10% which actually worked incredibly well, though i do agree in the current age of more stable large builds the down scaling is probably not necessary. if you want to see how bad it used to be look at the "Novapunch" pack and double the instability, it used to be a real challenge just getting something this big off the pad let alone get it into orbit.
  9. i was surprised, the only thing that really seemed to suffer on the previous version when put into 0.17 was the automatic staging, though i cannot work out if the spontaneous disintegration is down to this or other parts packs...
  10. did you check the FAQ and download the required plugins??
  11. are the RCS nozzles modeled or just bump/normal mapped??