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  1. Try tailfins to enhace the stability of your rocket in the atmosphere
  2. I like mister flagg spezials ( he is german). He shows user crafts what is not only impressiv, but also give me creative input.
  3. How would be a runway on the VAB?
  4. For me it works well with self editing the techtree. I simply create higher nodes with mods in it. KIS for 20000 science seems good.
  5. Welcome! Your rocket look like standart. But applause for your amazing rover! I like it!
  6. Thats right. But i think there is another sticky thread called helpfull 1.0 observations.^^
  7. Can i ask a question? Could a spot be pumped dry or is the amount of ore infinit?
  8. Aah heat and mass transfer, my hatelove at university. Thank you for wrighting it down in more or less easy words.
  9. Try to get science from the space center. Nearly every building has its own ground biome. Drive around there and recover the the afterwards for 0 costs.
  10. The level and the number of scientists counts for the rate.
  11. I had read in the wiki that you get higher values when the lab is on the surface of a celestial body except kerbin. It brings also higher values if the science data is from the body it was collected from.
  12. Thanks for this mod! We had a great time yesterday flying together. We had try this in the past but the other player were not seen often. But yesterday we saw us every time. Thought the 10 times bigger loading range is helpful, but i do not know the code.