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  1. He posted this two months ago: Site is probably going to remain down until Devo becomes active on the forums again. I think everyone has used one of Devo's mods at some point or another. I especially remember the Pegasus shuttle in earlier KSP versions.
  2. Granted. Your space station is so fantastic that it is confiscated by the government for official use. I wish KSP was even more fantastic. (Is that possible?)
  3. Got an Intel CPU and graphics setup on this machine, I have AMD processor and Nividia graphics on my better PC, so might look into it. Thanks. Again, I believe most of this is OS-based or PC specific, as I have very few of these problems! I have had plenty of interesting battles where the other player gets anihilated, namely space battles. It seems you are the one who gets all the bugs and such, mine actually allows me to destroy your stuff, and the only issues that do occur arise when vessels are within a few hundred meters. The only other issue I have really had is if another player switches to a controlled vessel, it goes crazy sometimes... So just be aware that the issues are not as atrocious to everyone, and some players can have some decent combat! Also another issue is probably mod overuse, as Aerolfos' favorite phrase is "MOAR MODS!" In conclusion, multiplayer works extremely well for what it does and the state of the game, direct PvP can be an issue for some PCs/connections, and overall guard mode is the least buggy combat method.
  4. Yep, KAS has a nice design which allows you to basically make any part grabbable. Just make sure the part isn't too big or too heavy, otherwise its liable to explode or crush your kerbal! Indeed, some players with more powerful comps can make some impressive lag defenses! Its like you hit a wall made of lag bricks at 4.8 Km! But yes, bases actually work well, and at least in previous versions the other player's ships aren't so combustible, its just that often damage doesn't register. If only I had a screen recorder, some of the multiplayer battles I've been in were amazing!
  5. Perhaps you should try the Tweakscale mod? That would likely do the trick as it seems to prevent collisions with all the other IVAs
  6. Probably because you have both missile attack modules and unit attack modules, I imagine there is some confliction. Also, its not as if they aren't firing and working properly, trust me they work alright. Heck, I lost a vertical stabilizer and didn't realize until I was 20Km from my base! I really just gave up It was 2v1 and you two were entrenched heavily Mhm? because that worked so well last time Perhaps... but there are alternatives... *Readies Big Red Button* Again, Thank you BahamutoD for this amazing mod!
  7. Well I'm done for... Quick! Scramble the Orcas! Develop Firehawks! do something!
  8. Well I must say, High altitude dive-bombing seems to work against those defenses Although I must say it was difficult to dodge the waves of bullets coming at me
  9. Well, it works exceedingly well for its stage in development. Guard mode is granted the only thing that makes almost 100% accuracy with syncing, but some things such as space battles and boat wars (Yes. Somehow the buggiest thing in the entire game actually works between clients. The only real issues emerge when two boats are within 1Km, but this is a DMP bug not BD) work somewhat well in PVP. I do have to congratulate BD for the guard mode mechanics. It really makes battles possible, and is actually pretty amazing as to the accuracy of the destruction. I do wish however that there was some sort of balance to the guns, or at least a way to create strong armor plating (I would really like to stop having tanks destroyed by .50 cal turrets ), but all in all, excellent work.
  10. Yes! Finally a more effective way to destroy the KSC! Thanks!
  11. Since most of the posts seem to be about replica aircraft, I guess I could enter my replica... Koeing 747p Passenger Variant Has wonderful maneuverability: barrel rolls, wingovers, Aileron rolls, and Immelman turns have all been proven possible. I have also landed it on a ~45 degree slope at ~60m/s Additionally it has an excellent Kerbal capacity at 42 Passengers + 2 pilots. If you would like a craft download, I can provide one. Requirements: B9 Aerospace and KSP 0.24 Recommended: Crew Manifest (Otherwise exiting Kerbals from the cabin is difficult!) Mars Mission Industriesâ„¢ and Koeingâ„¢ are not responsible for any accidents, rampages, "Hard Landings", fatalities, injuries, loss of pitch attitude, depreciation in value, loss of control, flat spins, or loss of keys. The most probable cause is pilot error or Jebediah Kerman. Have a Wonderful Day.