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  1. It's not ideal but I guess it works - it's not ever going to be a joystick and TrackIR but then it's also free and community made so hey, it's still great.
  2. I've been trying to use that way, but it's behaving oddly in IVA. In IVA you right click once for free look and again to re-fix your view, and that knocks the control point back to centre for some reason.
  3. I'm finding this pretty cool for flying. However, I'm wondering what other users of the mod do when they wish to look around; flying in chase mode is all very well until you need to sight a runway or target. I'd love to have £40 spare for trackIR equipment, but I'm not sure I do.
  4. Is it possible for me to reduce the number of Kerbals required to satisfy a crew rotation contract? It's asking me to uplift 4 Kerbals as a crew to replace my 2 Kerbal crew on the station. I ask you, how many sensible rockets have a 4-Kerbal crew? Edit: Looks like it glitched out and ticked off that requirement when I recovered the existing 2 crew. Odd. Edit 2: Okay so this is definitely an issue. I even forced the contract to complete and then it immediately threw me a contract to 'crew the station now you have finished constructing it' which was odd given I'd just sent up three Kerbals to crew it. I'm not bothered that it's misbehaving but I am somewhat annoyed that the crewing requirement is 4 - there are three types of Kerbal, and the highest sensible crew capacity for a vessel is 3 without going nuts with hab containers etc.
  5. I find the PhysX solution quite feasible. I mean, these crashes never happen randomly as such. They happen when performing a random action such as attaching a part or docking a craft. There's got to be an action or actions that are triggering this, and probably they were added in 1.1.2
  6. Bets on getting up to 1.1.5 much quicker than we got to 1.0.5.
  7. Tell me about it with the frequent updates. I installed about 40 mods yesterday, discovered I couldn't play due to excessive GC, and today they bring out another mod-breaking update with plenty of spaghetti-code bugs to come with it. Lovely! I love the naming convention of FAR though; so many important people in Air Eng really have never been credited. Even just here in the UK, there were many, many lead designers and innovators in the 30s-50s who get almost no recognition in history.
  8. They managed to break a surprisingly large amount of stuff... spaghetti code due to the pace of the final days of 1.1 dev and patching?
  9. Ahh, so some of the 'all my mods are broken again' antihype is people not being informed. Phew!
  10. Have all the mods rolled over and died again - has anything significant changed?
  11. There's something in the changelog about garbage creation for the Part.Update() function. I'll do some testing later but I may have to deal with the ever-falling-down fence in my garden first.
  12. Well, this is my Gamedata folder, unchanged since I ran GCM earlier: So yeah, with lots of mods. I mod-sniped a little bit by removing all mods and trying it with just one, but even with just B9 and dependencies installed (a fairly large mod in RAM footprint but not plugin footprint) the GC was nuts compared to no mods. I imagine it is a lot to do with unoptimised code from modders, especially after all the rushed fixes for 1.1. It's worth noting that the GC measurements were taken without any parts inserted and the major GC issues start only when entering one of the hangars for the first time, but without any parts being added to trigger the stutter. It only gets worse.
  13. So we're in for the long haul, then, is what you're saying. No overmodding for the time being - in fact, very little modding at all - for those of us who get a headache from poor FPS and stutters. krakens - I've been waiting for 1.1 for months then 1.1.1 for another couple of weeks, and now I have a super-overpowered PC here playing War Thunder and Tonks. Great. Edit: I've also just confirmed - just to make sure - GCmonitor indicates it is indeed GC that's causing my stutter. The 'garbage' is going up at a rate of about 20MB/s which is just incredibly bad. KSP is the only game I know of that has this problem, despite playing several games on the Unity platform. I wonder what their solutions are?
  14. Problem is, I do only really suffer from it with mods. It's noticeable in the FPS graph without mods, but the overhead only becomes untenable when extra RAM usage is put on. At the same time, I'd argue that this bug is preventing comfortable use of mods, which is supposed to be a feature of KSP - let's be honest, SQUAD themselves can't be expecting people to play their stock game forever and their efforts to assist modders are proof of that. So yes, we do need to demonstrate that the problem originates in stock, but I think it should be emphasised that the stutter is preventing modded, rather than stock, gameplay and thus limiting the experience of a lot of players who don't play stock (ie, those of us who have played since the early days and are understandably looking for a wider experience)
  15. Ahh, so it's possible - with our new increased spare RAM overhead - to limit GC to a longer period for 64-bit installs? I mean, every 10 minutes an extra stutter would be no worse than autosave. It's definitely a case of raising awareness.
  16. GC is a re-appearing disaster in 1.1.1. I installed many, many mods and tested it and the stutters lasted about a second every 10 seconds - so irritating it's unplayable. Removing all mods, the stutter is barely visible but it's there. So I installed ONE mod and its dependencies and the GC is back, probably half of what it was with 30+ installed. It manifests as a deep drop in FPS on the performance page then a spike upwards before Vsync takes over again. It really is awful and I won't be playing it, which is insanely disappointing because I built a new PC mostly to mod the heck out of this game and a stock engine bug (which is surely fixable) has ruined it for me. Is there anything we can do to make this less prominent or is it a permanent gamebreaker?
  17. This looks like a fantastic solution to my biggest problem with FAR flight and might even get me back into it! I was sick to death of having to feather-tap the controls to get small control deflections, which is exactly the reason mouse aim is in War Thunder also (apart from arcade scrubbiness :P) so this will just be amazing. Time to hit the tutorials to re-learn aircraft design analysis.
  18. My PC is in bits, being used as a component burn-out rig (testing old components to sell)! I have a graphics card in four bits on my desk! Y u do this! In all seriousness, well done SQUAD on the long development cycle and the rapid work you've been doing. The prerelease was still pretty messy and you had a lot on your plate for the short time between 1.1P and 1.1. Hope you all sit down for a good rest and a drink-induced stupor.
  19. I tried to takeoff from the KSC mountains after popping just the aileron of my swept-wings science puddlejumper, in a bad landing. I'm not sure if it was Atmosphere Autopilot that did it, but the combination of short field takeoff and high takeoff AoA (the runway was down a slope) caused the aileron-less wing to stall, drop and drive the aircraft down. Shame; I always love a good in flight emergency.
  20. Okay. Sounds like stock KSP hardcoded stuff is reducing the functionality of the mod... how irritating.
  21. Sorry for wasting your time BD, looks like it was my mistake with the aircraft not engaging each other. I'm embarassed to admit what was going on. My bad! Everything looks good, although I'm sad that I can't launch patrol aircraft under AI pilot then switch to the island airfield and launch a strike. I wish that game limitation could be done away with! That said, I still can't get physics load distance to work. Is it currently still disabled? I've got it set to 40km but even when I break the 10km max load-in barrier the planes I'm flying away from on the ground still unload at 10k. And another quick question, since I'm just catching up to all the recent features... should I be able to 'overfly' a vessel on the ground after loading it in and order it to take off with Wing Command? Because if I have a vessel at the island and spawn at the main airfield, I can't seem to select the vessel at the island from the air and issue him commands. On the other hand, the vessel on the ground at the island can select and issue commands to the airborne. Bug?
  22. I left my modded 1.1 install (yes I know, but it seemed inappropriate to post this in 1.1 Pre discussion) with an aircraft cruising at 3km altitude when I went for dinner tonight, leaving the game for half an hour or so. I left it alt-tabbed to save on GPU load. When I came back, the game would not maximise and after a few clicks the 'oops! the game has crashed. Please report this to the developers' dialog box came up. I'd like to try and work out what happened and whether this is a new issue in 1.1 or one of a few persistent problems I'm having with my PC's reliability, so I'm uploading some of my error output files and a screenshot of my mod folder to perhaps help someone interpret my error. I'd really appreciate some help on this one. First question, of course, is whether simply alt-tabbing and leaving the game simulating in background may not be playing well with KSP. Unfortunately my attachment priveleges for the forum appear to be missing, so I'll have to use tinyupload for the logs. error.txt: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=06507830680230372756 crash.dmp: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=06189698291564864762 output_log.txt: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=08559216707286275166 Screenshot of mod folder: http://imgur.com/PDYRVj2 Thanks in advance for the assist.
  23. Ah, yes, they are landed. Is it even possible to set up planes patrolling outside those 10km at the moment before launching your own interceptor? Gotta love game limitations. A video speaks a thousand words, so here's a video of what I'm seeing for you: As you can see neither aircraft is making an attempt to switch weapons and acquire the other. And yes, the other one is set to team A. The rudder wobble is visible near the end.
  24. Phys load distance possibly not working again in the latest 1.1 Prerelease? My planes are loading in at mostly random distances 5-10km while set at 40k phys load. Anyone else getting this? Actually, I'm getting a lot of weird behaviour. AI refuse to fire - that may be me never having used the fight system before - and they make excessive use of rudder, sliding back and forth between max left sideslip and max right. I'm doing something wrong here, I'm sure. Reproduction steps seem simple... activate guard mode, activate standby pilot, change teams, spawn at a different base, fly towards the planeplanes. Do they load in at the distance set? Do they engage? Am I an idiot?
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