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  1. So I've found the issue and I don't pretend to understand the code, but the way it seems to go is in ModuleSabreHeating.cs is there are calculations related to precoolers vs intakes but because the precoolers have intakes included the "cooling" was only being applied to this intake and no others. This made the intake I put in front of the precooler heat the engines. Remove all intakes (except the ones inbuilt into the precoolers, which can't be removed) and problem solved, no more overheating engines.
  2. I'm not sure where to post this issue but I figured I'd start here. I seem to have an issue with my atmo engines overheating. My craft is using Squads Sabre and a modded SCRAM jet with both over heating at Mach 3+. To fix the issue I've used radiators, heat exchanges and Pre-coolers with no change real change in how fast the engines overheat. The SCRAM jet doesn't even get turned on till Mach 4 and when it does they instantly overheat. Image of the craft in question I've used this setup before on previous versions of KSP with no real problems (assuming I use the Pre-coolers), so
  3. Love your work Jonathan, you sir have a new Patreon supporter. I noticed today that almost a 1/3 of the mods I use are still usable because of you. Thank you
  4. I tried a new save in KSP 1.3.0 and had the same issue, I then updated my game to 1.3.1 (not quite sure why it wasn't already) and it has fixed the problem. Thank you, Linuxgurugamer
  5. My apologies, here they are: https://ufile.io/d3ze2oqe craft file https://ufile.io/ush01rpo Output_log.txt
  6. I'm trying to use the Ship Save Splicer to give me a copy of my station into the VAB to plan upgrades. Problem is when I save a copy and then convert to a craft file, upon oping the VAB load a save, the list is empty as in no ships. If I remove the craft file SSS created all my ships are back on the list. I'm using KSP version 1.3.0 and I've tried SSS version 1.2.0 and 1.3.1 with the same result.
  7. I like jonescat´╗┐010 got an issue when updating to the latest version all my wings were borked, I could not even access the menu to config them on a new craft. My current game version is 1.3.0. I fixed the problem by using CKAN to reinstall the version of the mod, this returned all my saved craft back to how they were.
  8. I've just tested your parts and when I try to feed two engines from the one reactor one gets power the other does not, not sure if this is intended or not.
  9. Has anyone else got an issue with only one reactor throttling up in multi reactor craft? If I try to use more than one reactor/thermal turbojet combo only one of the reactors with throttle and the other will sit at idle no matter what I set the throttle to. This gives me heaps of power on one engine and none on the other.
  10. I'll check how much science I have next time I load up the game, I didn't see anything in the docco talking about upgrades requiring science. EDIT: Ok found the issue the cost listed in the config file was science cost not money cost, strange that the radiators cost was about 15 yet the generators was 200. Thanks for the help Einarr
  11. I've researched Experimental Electronics but I'm unable to upgrade/retrofit my generators on previously launched vessels, I was able to upgrade the radiators but there is no option for the generators no matter what I do. I have tried re-launching the same vessel and it does have the upgraded generators so I know I have the Tech... Is this a bug or am I just doing it wrong?
  12. I just tried the new configs and there doesn't seem to be Kerosene listed on the fuel choices. Stock Fuels like LFO are listed multiple times and the LOX conversion now works but yes no Kero. EDIT: I think I see the issue, the Kero conversions are done by a part named @PART[KA_Converter_250_01O], which doesn't exist in the "Karbonite_New_Converters.cfg" file. EDIT2: I added the "KA_Converter_250_01O" to the new converters file and I can now make RP-1
  13. I'm trying to use this mod with Real fuels and I've noticed that only half of the Linear aerospike engine works. When i set the fuel type to Kerosene and Liquid Oxygen and launch only half the engine is firing, the other half is listed as Oxidiser deprived. If I add liquid fuel and oxidiser to the tanks I can get both sides of the engine working. Has anyone encountered this or has a work around?
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