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  1. Rockcoole

    Recomended games?

    The Simcity games are quite fun(not the new one) also Europa Universals IV and Tropico. I assume city builders count as some sort of strategy game. Edit: There's also the Fallout games, any of which are very fun to play.
  2. Rockcoole

    Fifth anniversary of Space Bat flight

    I laughed. I'm a horrible person. So sad. ...Hehe, Space Bat.
  3. Rockcoole

    So, what's everybody playing right now?

    Mini Metro.
  4. Rockcoole

    Recomended games?

  5. Your forgetting our nuclear powered robot on Mars. They were willing spent money on that.
  6. Rockcoole

    What kind of mecha design do you prefer?

    Gundam. Gundam all the way.
  7. That's the best idea ever.
  8. You know those silly conspiracy people would think the Chinese were also faking there robot. IT SO SIMPLE! THE 'MURICANS GAVE CHINA THE SOUND STAGE!(Joking) Edit: Just realized there's a page two. And both the people before me say the same things, ruffly.
  9. Rockcoole

    When Did you join KSP?

    I started playing KSP in the good ole' days of 0.13.1 By good ole' days I mean 30x the number of sudden rocket failure before launch
  10. Well since most people wouldn't know that fact we can tell them the Chinese knocked it over. Though that may not work for very long.
  11. The flag already fell over. When they left the Moon on during Apollo 11 it was knocked over by the blast from the engine.
  12. Rockcoole

    Personal Life

    Dont die. Problem solved.
  13. Rockcoole

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for not being a citizen of the greatest nation on Earth! SEALAND!