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  1. I strategically place the thermite and gas, then, right before the plane crashes, I use the lighter to ignite the whole mess, making people speculation whether or not it was an inside job for the next few decades. However, in the meantime, the building is falling onto a schoolbus full of schoolchildren who were away on a school field trip and were just heading back to the school are about to get schooled. Did I mention you are driving? And you don't have any gas (where do you think I got it from?).
  2. Don't worry guys, they just discovered that graphene can be rolled up into a nano scale cylinder, resulting in massive tensile strength ratios. Sound familiar? Sorry, It's just that graphene seems to be the super-material flavor of choice these past few years. Graphene can be used to make supa-dupa strong body armor! Use it to build vehicles, its super light and strong! It's also super-amazing at conducting electricity! Supercomputers here we come! If only graphene was a substance that had practical use outside of paper diagrams (as in you are depositing layers of graphene onto paper with a pencil).
  3. Bloons TD Battles is worth a shot, it's free, and while is DOES have an energy bar, you don't actually need to use any energy to play, it's only used for special abilities.
  4. Granted, it achieves a fast and stable trajectory into the sun. I wish that I was good at videogames.
  5. I'm just on my way down to lab, where I work, with science things, like acid, and skeletons, and did I mention we were going to have an arts and crafts day today? You are pulled over near the North-Korean border with 43 kilos of uranium-235.
  6. Gets Playstation (Original) Inserts Nintendo 64
  7. Granted the world is now in pieces. I wish for the ability to grant my own wishes.
  8. Granted, but the design documents for WishCeptionâ„¢ (and anybody who has ever heard of them) are sucked into a black hole, rendering all knowledge of them irretrievable. I wish for the ability to turn drywall into white bread.
  9. Granted, but max power corrupts maximally (I looked it up, I swear),and you get assassinated by the internet police. I wish for the ability to predict an infinite number of moves ahead in any turn based game.
  10. I'll push it, after all, they are only a few meters large. Press the button to instantly create intelligent lifeforms at the same technological level as humanity on a random planet in the Milky Way galaxy.
  11. Gets glass. Inserts cotton-based thread...
  12. Granted, but in order to perform infinite WishCeptionâ„¢ in an infinitely small amount of time, they must be faster than the speed of light, causing you to be trapped in an infinite time loop. I wish that neutrinos could travel faster than the speed of light.
  13. I'll take the equal and opposite button thank you very much. Press this button to create another button with an identical effect in a random populated area.