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  1. would you mind if i borrowed this cockpit design, been messing with trying to come up with a good looking one myself but this just takes the cake, and is perfect for the plane I'm trying to build
  2. so how do i remove far? sorry if its been explained before but 1040 pages is alot to shuffle through, ive removed all the files that were included with the download, but none of my control surfaces work now
  3. cant wait to sail it (and subsequently try to bomb it (and subsequently get shot out of the sky))
  4. yeah it kinda sucks but there really isn't anything that can be done about it, they aren't doing this to maliciously break all of your craft but to increase the playablity of the game, always working foreward. Now it would be a problem if they were working backward, i.e changing the flight model to what it was pre 1.0. For better or worse they are making these changes based on what they believe will make it better, and im sure they dont make these decisions lightly, it is work they have to put in and time they take away working on other aspects of the game. So the best advice is to back up you games and if you really like some designs you have come up with, adapt them for the new game, gives something to do so that cant be bad, heck my entire KSP folder is over 20 gigs at this point. have been keeping them since .15 and all the mods still go back to my mir station that I made in like .17 when the docking mods first came out. ~shudders~ dear lord that is unstable -edit- also I wouldnt expect U5 to break saves, they arent completely changing things like they did for 1.0, although they might have to, so i wouldnt be surprised, just dont expect it. No need to be negative about it
  5. wow this looks really good, one thing i would say is to make the engine pods a wee bit longer
  6. looks really good, only problem for me is that this is gigantic and is about 4 times the size of my normal aircraft, otherwise this looks awesome
  7. so ive been having the same problem with the ai, they take off, one is set to a and b teams respectively and then they proceed to just fly in circles, i looked at the debug menu and it says :aircraft name is disengaging no valid weapons, however i have the hidden vulcans mounted on both craft. It also seems like I cannot fire the vulcans even on my own without the AI
  8. SO this is definitely one of the best repoductions of the B-52 ive seen, however there is a few things I see wrong with it, first the back bulbous section post vertical stabilizer should be a bit more prominent. Second would be the wings, to me it just doesnt look right when its sitting on the runway with the wings straight out like that they should be swooping down with the tips almost touching the ground, and finally the landing gear might be a limitation of the game but it sems to sit very high, sorry for nitpicking, but when you see these things everyday characteristics rub off on ya
  9. What version of ksp does this use, cause this kinda breaks in 24.2