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  1. I dont know if i should be sad ... ..Or happy/excited.. I know one thing for sure though, i enjoy my journey with KSP. Now that yours has ended, and you've reached the end, only thing that matters really, was the journey there. I hope that you did enjoy it, as much as the rest of us players did, and yeah, i think im getting more excited than sad after all
  2. I just discovered this mod... i dunno what to say ... superb structural parts adapters and concept, amazing IVA views, best integration/combination along the parts with each other .. hell even best visual match for stock parts .... then you got a whole bunch of other mods compatibility, without any of them to be required.. And those 4 and 6 way hubs that transform visually with connections in the vab, the landing legs/gears implementation ... Im loosing it... :confused:
  3. I dont usually make requests, but yeah this needs the 3.75m bay version, along with the 1.25m dock port, then it will be 100% complete in my eyes. Still its pretty usefull as it is, so thanks!
  4. [quote name='Captain Vlad']I was wondering if the crew frequently enjoyed wine. Red, red wine.[/QUOTE] [quote name='Redshift OTF']Where was this made? Kingston Town? XD I'll get my coat...[/QUOTE] After a few glasses, Bob is thinking "Where did i go wrong" while Jeb and Bill are singing something about a Tyler Kerbin guy... :P
  5. This has "stock" written all over it :0.0: I agree with Andersenman ...but.. must ..resissst..urge..arghh
  6. I dunno why i didnt get this mod earlier, i always had it in the back of my head... ah well better late than never right? Huge thanks to the original author, and you for keeping this up, it makes big difference in gameplay.
  7. [quote name='NecroBones']....I could still redesign it to do that. We'll see....[/QUOTE] Nononononono, the MRS LP decoupler is one of my favorite parts, dont mess around with it please hahah! The one with the solids inside in your picture is super nice though!
  8. UFO on the bottom right spotted :cool:
  9. Thank Kerbin (and you of course) that you did the updates for both mods (VX and CC) today, cos i just discovered them :cool: Instagrab, nice-looking-and-for-a-purpose engines. And the CC of course, because it awakes the lego-kerbal in me, with adapters clusters and such.
  10. Take my words with a pinch of salt, since im out of my league concerning IP4 and emo stuffs but... it just me or the pros < cons in this move ?
  11. Something is wrong with the 2 crewed modules. I use only the pack. So no KLS, or Kemini, or KEES. Make new craft in VAB. Use any of the 2 modules, no other parts needed. Launch. (make sure you got 2 kerbals inside, not just one) Now if you EVA a kerbal, you will see the log get spammed with: [B][NE] init E Racks internal model null[/B] If you go back and EVA the second kerbal, the spamm stops. If you put 1 kerbal back inside, the log starts again. If you put the second kerbal inside, so basically fill the crew slots, the log stops the spam once more. Everytime the spam stops, it does with the messsage: [B][NE] init E Racks successfull[/B] It doesnt matter where you are, or what parts you got. I made another test in orbit, with a station full of stock and this mods parts. If i EVA a kerbal from ANYWHERE, (even a command pod, or a crew cabin or anything), the log spam starts running, as long as that station has at least 1 of either [B]MSL-1000[/B] or [B]MEP-825[/B] hub docked with crew inside. [B]The log spam stops if those hubs are EMPTY of crew, if those hubs are FULL with crew, if you dont have any EVA kerbal around KSP visible/physics range, OR if u STOP/PAUSE science generation on those 2 modules.[/B] I hope i made sense :sticktongue:
  12. I also made a quick test on 1.0.5 Started a new Science gamemode, and cheated a few points in to unlock tree. All seem to work fine. Experiments provide sci points, contracts are up for grabs, no log errors, etc etc. Also its working when not in focus. The actual points that you get for the experiments, seem a bit on the high side, but still, since it needs some work to get it done, i think its ok. I hope ethernet comes back and does more with this mod, as it feels very good having to get the experiments up/down, resupply kibbal to a station etc. @OneFourteen: Theres no other mod dependencies, so basically it should work out of the box. Maybe you got a mod conflict going on? Or didnt researched the parts?
  13. Thanks for the heatshield cfg, although its easy to make, i think people not used to making MM configs will appreciate it much. One thing though, your heatshielddecoupler.cfg link points to your jomt.cfg [SIZE=1]And yes i know i can get the correct one from the spoiler, just for the people i mentioned above[/SIZE]
  14. Thanks Nothke! I really like how they all fit together.
  15. [quote name='Tekener']Please look at my screenshots, I'm not starting the engine to cause the old stage getting decoupled... ;)[/QUOTE] If you stage exactly like you do, but keep the throttle at 0, then raise it gradually, then you will not have any explosion. Especially if you do it in normal flying mode (aka during launch or during orbit), in which you normally get a bit distanced from the lower stage, and not while sitting on the pad.