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  1. Exactly, you(Telltale in this case) make your own story. This is no official story, it's just Telltale's own version of a Minecraft story.
  2. Could always get one of those external fan controllers and look uber tech while doing nothing.
  3. Son: Hey dad, wanna go get some Upson? Dad: What's Upson? Son: Not much.
  4. Mobile port or not, it could certainly help those with incompatible hardware for the original PC version (Like me) to be able to play the game, as the new game would probably be made for newer systems.
  5. The game itself is not much upgraded, the lighting and textures are upgraded.
  6. As some may know, this date marks the 10th anniversary for GTA San Andreas. On this occasion, there are some events and extras for GTA V Online, but Rockstar are also releasing GTA San Andreas in an HD version for XBox 360 (And PS3/PC in the future I assume). Priced at $3.74, it's worth every dollar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCSavWgVicc
  7. Building computers is easy. If you have the knowledge. If this person doesn't/can't/won't build their own computer, then let that be it. I would personally recommend saving more money $800-1200, and then go ask a friend to build one for you, or go to a site like Cyberpower and let them build it.
  8. Driving simulator, no. Physics simulator, yes. It does pretty damn good at the crashing and smashing and bashing, but the driving model is like driving on ice. Even with a wheel.
  9. KSP is multithreaded. It just can't split the major lag-maker (The physics) onto several cores.
  10. If you are going to spend $10k on a PC, you might as well get a GTX 980 in a 3 or 4 way SLI. The Titan is a render card, the 980 is a gamer card.
  11. A budget and what games you will play/what things you want to use it for would be very nice to know. Haswell-E and Maxwell just launched, so ''last-gen'' (Or what you call it) NVidia and Intel stuff will likely be at reduced price while still being good enough for some of today's games and tasks. I don't know about AMD though.
  12. 0.25 ''VAB rest in pieces. Some here and some there'' edition.
  13. If you were so sorry, why did you post it?
  14. XP was 5.1.2600 Vista was 6.0.6002 7 was 6.1.7601 8 is 6.1.9200 8.1 is 6.3.9600 So yes, I would guess so.
  15. So at a Microsoft event, Microsoft did indeed reveal the new Windows. What was it called? Not Windows 9, but Windows 10! Live coverage here: http://live.theverge.com/microsoft-windows-9-event-live-blog/ Windows 10. Because 7 8 9.