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  1. If you are using UDP you need to create your own method to ensure there was no data loss, as well as to ensure the order of the message. Otherwise if you get an old packet but already received a new one and you aren\'t checking the order than your data will be unreliable.
  2. All information regarding classes and their functions are stored within the .dll, in this case 'Assembly-CSharp.dll' dounf in KSP_Data. All you need to do is add a reference to this dll in visual studio or w/e ide you are using. getOrbitalVelocityAt() returns double, 'velocity' implies direction (in this case should be a 3d vector) The little things you know?
  3. It is hardcoded to certain values in the FlightCtrlState class, which can be accessed by overriding the OnCtrlUpd(FlightCtrlState) function. It also seems you can modify certain input controls (yaw, pitch, roll) I haven\'t tested if it accepts changes to it. Also seems you can access it through 'FlightInputHandler.state'. The only way you can do it is like Crazygerbil suggested. It might be possible to have the hotkey editable through the .cfg file but I haven\'t tested this either.
  4. Anyone know how to access any hud elements? Perhaps changing and/or adding more waypoints in the navigation ball?
  5. Anyone know how to get the position and vector velocity of a vessel? vessel.orbit.getPositionAt(Planetarium.GetUniversalTime()) * Planetarium.InverseScaleFactor; That\'s what it seems to be but the values don\'t make sense pertaining to my current altitude.
  6. Yes all that data is readibly avalible. I almost wish they made the default hud display these values as the are very useful and simply just need to be displayed to the user. Someone could very easily make this data visible to the user through a module.
  7. Override is just a way to ensure the virtual function you are trying to override exists. C/C++ doesn\'t have this declaration as it\'s more to for 'safety' reasons than anything else (there\'s been some modifications in C++11, only thing that comes to top of my head is 'final' to ensure a virutal function doesn\'t get overridden after that class). Although C# still needs the override key word otherwise you might get a warning or error?