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  1. Honest answer, because I'd forgotten I'd written it. That's from the 1.1 pre-release. There's still a few issues to fix now for things like the wheels (addressed ad infinitum) and I think the hatches/ladders no longer accepting a mesh to define them might be permanent, so that'll need looking at. So I guess in that way, those things are better in the older build. I haven't had the time to play 1.1 much yet though, so there's bound to be the odd bug here and there that'll need squashing.
  2. I can certainly take a second look at it, there'll likely be some gap between the stock one and the Russian-style 3.75m orbital engine I've got (plus, the need to fit the 3.75/5m decoupler). It'll just need a shinier looking model.
  3. @Initar I hadn't been planning on it, no. The stock 3.75m had largely filled the niche. @StevieC @CobaltWolf Yeah, that's probably possible now, originally it was to not break people's craft files. I'm guessing that's the new part search finding things it really shouldn't, previously they'd been hidden by having their categories set to -1 and tech-tree entries removed. @Goat Master You're not using the demo are you? It's the only other thing I can think of if you've followed the guides I linked to. @Table ?? But the update is already out. Things like FS and MM should be up to date, the only real thing is the wheels needing a fix, but don't gamble on that being any time soon. @Whovian41110 I've updated the github branch, get the fix here: https://github.com/Signatum/SXT/archive/master.zip Should have fixed the textures for the truck internal too. @SpaceMouse The manufacturers will be staying as-is. But I can add an 'SXT' tag to the parts for the part-finder. @Mekan1k See my last post; I hope to fix them eventually, but I've haven't had any luck with wheels in the past.
  4. and @Trekky0623 Yeah, the wheels are broken (As it mentions in the release notes for SXT25, there's a reason it's only 'basic' compatibility ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). I didn't set up the Unity configs for the wheels (my own attempts were less than successful), so they're broken for the time-being. At least until I can have a proper go at fixing it myself, but given my recent luck with Unity I'm tempted to give it a rest for now. I managed to completely mess up my entire project trying to update to the 1.1 part-tools and then 'fixing it', and lost everything when I though 'huh, perhaps Unity 5 editor is the answer'. Apparently it isn't. Fortunately I'd purchased a new HDD a few weeks back and past-me had had the common-sense to make a backup of the project-folder then. I don't think CAKN displays patch-notes, though. If it doesn't that's a bit of a bugger because I can't really say 'fair warning'.I might have to put a 'part-disabler' config in till they're fixed. @Table+ @Jelle_Panda Jelle Panda's right, it set up in a similar way in the mod, so as your airspeed increases your ability to generate thrust diminishes. The curves used for it are likely not entirely perfect, they're more on the 'guesstimate' side of things (I made replicas of real aircraft with the engine in FAR and then tweaked until things like max speed were about right.
  5. Thanks! That's great, I've put the link in the OP and I'll update the pack later on. @MinimumSky5 The landing gear is a 1.1 issue, so I'm waiting to see if that'll get fixed first. I'm not sure it's the wing itself that is so unbalanced (though it being one part means it'll either break off at the root or not at all, I guess). If I remember correctly the plane in the craft file is lighter than a real An225 (being on a far smaller scale), and I think the engines might be more powerful as well (the kerbal way). To me craft files are just a bit of fun and for inspiration, they're never something I've taken terribly seriously. That's a problem I've seen with a lot of my hatches, I wrote about it farther up the page. I'm hoping it'll be fixed in one of the coming builds, if not I can apparently switch to a box collider in Unity rather than using a cube mesh. I had still had some problems with the MEM when I tried it, so it'll require a lot of tweaking for each part. @Goat Master Have a look at these posts (and then subsequent discussion), should help: Only dependencies are firespitter and module manager. Both are included in the download.
  6. I'd still like to give KSC+ a proper going over really (though I've said that before in the hope the free time to do so would magically appear, it hasn't yet). I've got some of the stuff I'd made at various points when I'd been playing around here (including the new palm-trees) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39086055/LackKSCmessingaround.zip
  7. Heh, well that's me told. I'll have a look at it, I'd been playing around with buildings again recently anyway.
  8. @Creideiki Glad to hear you're enjoying the parts. I've got RPM support for some of the cockpits, but I don't plan on adding it to some of the older (generally early tech-tree) plane cockpits with analogue dashboards. @nobodyhasthis2 Honest answer: Because I only really play sandbox mode and don't notice these things. I'll have a look into it at some point, but I always appreciate support from others when it comes to suggesting tech-tree placement. @BT Industries I'd never really intended KSC++ for release (there's a reason the folder is lackmisc(ellaneous)), but people asked about it when it turned up in a few screenshots, so I put it out there. So the trees are just very simple meshes with a transparent texture (the white outline seems to be a shader thing though). I've tried remaking it with much better trees with a 3D mesh, but I've really struggled with getting KK to place them (it kept crashing and throwing null errors). There's probably something wrong with the meshes somewhere, but I haven't figured it out. Re: It only showing when inflight and not space-centre view, that's something on KK's end. @evileye.x Thanks, I've corrected the price and re-done the propeller spin texture so there's a faint outline of the props. I've made them more transparent as well. I've never been able to actually see that sort of prop-blade rotation IRL, only as an artefact on video, but rule of cool I guess. I'll increase electricity usage on the eFan a bit, but it's still <1kN thrust for an engine that weighs 100kg. @oniontrain They're still there, but you'll need to remove the entries under ---pipes--- in part disabler and double check all of the .cfg files in Utilities/smallPipes/ have 'category = Structural' rather than 'category = -1' (The 6way hub has that). @Goat Master That's a tad vague, I'd need more details. Check you've installed it correctly first, go back a few pages in the thread and there's a guide. @Kyrian I'm not planning to do so, it'd mean introducing another form factor for just a few parts. Though you could probably chop it up in Blender yourself (use taniwha's .mu importer) if you really want them. @NathanKell Yeah, I can consider it. There's a few interesting Russian style craft, that while covered elsewhere, may be useful to have in the pack. @Jelle_Panda It's a very old craft-file and uses parts that are long depreciated. I wouldn't use it, it's long been deleted from newer SXT builds. @LordOfMinecraft99 Have you tried the 'Mk2 Centrifuge Habitat'? You can scroll down the first post of the thread. Here's a gif of it. There's possibly some niche for a heavier vacuum engine, but I'd have to have a look at the current engine stats. @KaptnKiwi, Have a look at my last post The short answer is yes, they're getting broken down into 'expansion packs' that'll be on CKAN. There's some more discussion earlier in the thread.That's easier for me to maintain, once I figure out how to tell CKAN to grab which folder, and saves spamming CKAN with 2 dozen different SXT minipacks. You can see the breakdown here: https://github.com/Signatum/SXT/tree/master/GameData/SXT/Parts @run1235 @Bit Fiddler Re: 1.1 compatibility, it needs an updated Firespitter and MM - I've bundled those into the dev build and started fixing what's broken. I've tried correcting the MEM on the dev build, but I've found a far bigger problem with seemingly all of my hatches/ladders. They all seem to be recognised as collision meshes in game now, so you can stand on top of them, but getting back in is pretty much impossible and you often get fired off away. Anyone know how to fix this? I've tried the Unity's defined colliders and my own, might try with no collider too. Yes, the asymmetry is because it's pretty much a replica of the real thing, which was asymmetrical (at least in total shape, the mass was balanced). The wheels will be broken, spannermonkey(smce) was kind enough to make them for me, so I'm not certain I'll be able to fix them on my own anytime soon. Also, if anyone figures out what's needed for the 'visibility panels' for the IVA's do let me know. I've had a look around but couldn't find anything, even when I imported some of the IVAs into blender. Okay, just found the 1.1 Pre-release Modding Discussions subforum.
  9. @Kowgan @Bit Fiddler Ah, I'll take a look at it. I always have FAR installed so do occasionally miss problems with the stock aero-system. @eberkain There will be, but there's a lot so it'll take a while. They'll be broken down by what will become the 'SXT packs' (i.e. Aviation, Rocketry, etc). Here's a couple of the ones so far @Bit Fiddler Re-doing the textures isn't a bad idea at all. I'm always trying to avoid adding too many parts mind. Started with the cabins, which needed some re-doing. Flag can be toggled and fits with the Goose too. I can have a look at procedural parts at some point, but I bounced straight off it last time I tried it (though that was with wings, which was probably more complicated. Edit: Looking at the aero issues, I can replicate the elevons being mirrored when you click deploy (never used that one before, I just checked the worked in flight in stock and called it done). I'll have a look at it, it might require tweaks to the model with a new transform for the stock system, or completely rotating the model, but that'll screw existing craft (and probably the symmetry for the folding wings, damn lack of truly mirrored parts). But the small modular wings and folding wings are both producing lift for me and showing in the SPH. http://imgur.com/a/jqG7P Did update those new models so the flag covers the door, though. (Available on the dev branch).
  10. @NathanKell I'm sure I can knock one up. Is the Derwent the one using the tiny jet engine from SXT? I'd left space in the body structure for the compressor, I'm fairly sure I based that model off schematics of the Derwent anyway. @Bit Fiddler, @Kowgan & @Tfin , Have you tried the dev-build of SXT? I took another look at the folding wings and modular wings a few weeks ago due to said problems with their nonFAR lift settings and the rotation of the transform for the folding wings.
  11. Probably running out of memory, it's weird that you don't have a KSP_Data folder though. You can copy the contents of 'KSP.log' (it's a text file, so open it in something like notepad) in the main KSP directory onto something like PasteBin, so I can have a look.
  12. That's good to hear then, I couldn't replicate it by installing (most of) the mods affecting the part with mm-patches. Perhaps it's an older version of one of those, but if not having it as the root-part works that'll probably suffice for now. @NathanKell, is there anything else you'd like to see fixed/added for RP0/RO actually? I'm looking towards fixing the SXT cockpits colliders for FARm since I saw that mentioned the other week. I know the H111 definitely needs a fix.
  13. No problem, I've tried it with USI-Life support, and it seems to work okay. So perhaps it's not that.
  14. With that person it turned out to be a conflict with TAC after they'd made a modification to the part, so I couldn't replicate it with the normal part. Here's the relevant part of that conversation: Are you running anything similar?
  15. I've tweaked the model a little, so it should work a little bit better now (had to reduce the length of the concrete-base a bit). I've updated the github dev branch with it. Edit: If anyone else has suggestions for better career-mode integration, please do say. It's not a mode I've spent much time with.
  16. There should also quite a few fixs, e.g. you raised about the hollow 3.75 to mk.3 adapter not being tweakscale-able and for the issue about the grid-fins @evileye.x raised.
  17. There is in the dev branch, found here: https://github.com/Signatum/SXT/archive/master.zip I update that pretty much whenever I spent any time modding, though I've been busy with work for the last month or so (well, a week of that was lounging around in Portugal definitely paying attention at a conference), hence not much activity here. I'm not sure if it's currently in the released version (SXT-24), I'd been holding off an update till 1.1 since I've re-jigged the file structure so the 24 build is a fair ways behind the most current version.
  18. SXT requires a specific file-structure for it to work. If you have a look at the .cfg of one of the parts you'll see something like this. MODEL { model = SXT/Parts/Command/Mk3Cockpit/Goose texture = Mk3Fuselage , Squad/Parts/FuelTank/mk3Fuselage/Mk3Fuselage texture = Mk3CockpitShuttle , Squad/Parts/Command/mk3CockpitShuttle/Mk3CockpitShuttle texture = Mk3CockpitShuttle_LUM , Squad/Parts/Command/mk3CockpitShuttle/Mk3CockpitShuttle_LUM scale = 1 , 1 , 1 } So for the above to work needs to be installed so it would be: [KSP root folder]/GameData/SXT/Parts/Command/Mk3Cockpit/Goose Copying the SXT-24 folder in would read more like [KSP root folder]/GameData/SXT-24/GameData/SXT/Parts/Command/Mk3Cockpit/Goose So the game wont find the model and wont load the part. SXT-24 is just the name of the zip folder, inside you will find a GameData folder, and inside that folder, the files which are to be installed to the /GameData/ folder of KSP. That should work, do let me know.
  19. @tetryds Thanks for noticing that, should be fixed now (I may have completely forgotten about that folder...).
  20. @kaue4arp10 Yeah, no problem. I made it using the 5m Osual patch in my post above, so you'll need that for it work properly I think. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39086055/Flying%20Wing.craft It's a bit prone to side-slip currently and the landings are quite rough. @nobodyhasthis2 Yep, I'm a big fan of GAP. That reorganisation will be coming around when KSP1.1 arrives, I'd be tempted to do it now but I'm not totally certain how CKAN works with deleting folders and files now. I seem to recall that it was just overwriting the mod's folder with a new copy when an update was installed, which could cause problems. In the mean time, there's a separate link with the prop/jet engines and a few of the aero-parts in the OP. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39086055/subpacks/Newer/SXTPropsandPlanes.zip
  21. I think there's a load of tga files in the Kerbalstuff download. I converted the textures into .dds (lower RAM usage) a while back on the github version. Though I haven't touched it for a while, I think that's working. Link: https://github.com/Signatum/LLL/archive/master.zip
  22. @speedwaystar Thanks! That'll be going in the next version. I've moved a few of those parts to Space Command and Command Modules as well. @m4ti140 That may be photoshop, sorry (I got a bit bored). It'd be nice if they did look like that though. 3.75m parts have been attempted before, but I've had problems with the face-smoothing from the windows so always abandoned them. @minepagan If I do, a front-loading Mk3 is definitely on the cards. The cargo tail may come later on. But I might just leave it as an optional config for now. --==-- Actually, I've been thinking about how to split SXT up for CKAN. I'd originally imagined SXT as an 'Expansion pack' style affair, but it covers far too much now and really puts a lot of people off, I think. I was thinking: SXT-Core (The internal workings of the mod). SXT-Aviation (The aviation related parts obviously. Should the Osual parts be seperate?). SXT-Rocketry (Engines, Fuel tanks, a few command pods). SXT-Probes (Probe and science parts). SXT-Stations (Things like airlocks, solar panels, hab pods and the likes) SXT-Super Launchers (5m and N1 parts). SXT-Trucks SXT-Airbags (Airbags, floats perhaps. Small, but seem to be quite a popular bit to have split off). But not everything nicely fits into these things, and even the above is quite a few categories spamming up the CKAN list. Anyways, some screenshots from messing around.
  23. @maybach123 Thanks! I'll have to give that a go, haven't played around with bones in blender before. Part of me is wondering if I should consider resizing the An225 parts to 5m when 1.1 comes out. The whole .64 scale works out nicely at 5m and the Mk3 have the 3.75m parts covered quite nicely. Might try an optional config. Edit: Yep, this was a 140t of good idea. Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/39086055/subpacks/Osual5m.zip
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