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  1. Had a solar panel causing my whole ship to overheat and explode in a matter of seconds when extended. Setting conductivity to 1 solved this. Thanks to whoever posted that.
  2. I have a reliably reproducible occasion of a solar panel causing the entire ship to overheat in a matter of seconds. It uses some parts from RemoteTech, but I'm fairly certain those could be taken off and the issue would still occur. Only happens in orbit, not on the launchpad. Gonna do a few more tests, see if I can narrow it down even more. Edit: The same craft, minus the RT antennas, hyperedited into the same orbit, does not do this. Do you want a .craft file of the one with the RT parts?
  3. D'oh. I almost smacked myself for that. All is well now. Thank you, I'm of to sail the high seas. (Definitions of "well" may vary)
  4. First off, I love this. I love boats, and this pack is exactly for me. Having said that, I really need some help. I tried building a bog-standard carrier, and, well, I am having control issues. Specifically, no matter what I do, I can't seem to make the game recognize the CVE bridge as a command module. I'm fairly certain I've managed to set it as the vessel root part, but when I try to launch the game tells me something along the lines of: "No command module present, the vessel will not be controllable" What do? This is with the mouse hovered over the bridge, and the green highlight seems to
  5. I'm having the same problem as Jasmir, but I don't really understand your solution. Use launch clamps on what? Stage them when or how? I already have launch clamps on the vessel and this problem still occurs.
  6. I don't think it's feasible for Squad to add anything like FAR to the stock game. All the people who fly bricks to space would go nuts, and that's a good percentage of players.
  7. I'm pretty sure that only reloads parts, not plugins. Or it did that in 0.20, anyway.
  8. Had this happen a couple of times, but only when I tabbed out during the transition from the hangar to the flight scene. Not using Lazor btw.
  9. Exactly that. A box the parachutes are deployed from. Also, thanks. I was starting to think nobody would step up and I'd have to learn to model myself
  10. That's really all that is needed here. The stock parachutes don't have any physics like that either. Hell, they don't even have colliders (hence the phasing of parachutes through each other). Just a simple, round parachute model is all I need. EDIT: Well, that and a new model for the deployer so it doesn't use the RCS port one, but that doesn't need to be terribly complicated either.
  11. Since EdTools no longer extends the hangar, how viable is building carriers going to be?
  12. Gah, running into rocket problems again. I'm doing my own take on the Apollo moon mission, but no matter what I do, at some point after launch the rocket tips end over end. I suspect it could be due to the CoM shifting up because fuel is burned, but there's really nothing I can do about that (other than building a short fat rocket instead of a tall thin one, but FAR rockets are supposed to be tall and thin). Help?
  13. I don't seem to have the option. In the hangar I have the angle presets, but in flight no steering mode options are present. Gonna check if I have the latest version and report back. EDIT: My bad, I was using the older pre-release. Everything fine now. Thanks.
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