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  1. You brought back the Planet Factory planets, you didn't do anything involving Planet Factory itself.
  2. Its part of KSP's code, PlanetFactory doesn't support it.
  3. There is a boolean for every CelestialBody called "isHomeWorld", this is probably still set to true in all kerbin based planets.
  4. ...crap It tries to check for upgrades in the custom sites and breaks the whole upgrade module, I'll see what I can do.
  5. I just updated KerbalKonstructs for KSP 0.90. You can download 0.6.6 on KerbalStuff Now I can finally play Elite: Dangerous.
  6. @AlphaAsh Let me know if you want any help moving to 0.90 or if you want me to throw something together for the plugin. I've been devoting the free time I have to StarSystems but I haven't forgotten about this.
  7. I just released StarSystems 0.7 on KerbalStuff CHANGELOG Update for KSP 0.90 Black hole visuals are now configurable
  8. His title is misleading, he is just recreating Planet Factory planets in Kopernicus.
  9. Kopernicus and StarSystems are incompatible at the moment. I haven't found a fix yet.
  10. Version 0.6 is released on KerbalStuff Changelog The Kerbol system is no longer hardcoded. Fixed GameFixer launching the first vessel launched in a game into interstellar space. Cleaned up some unused values from system.cfg I'm pretty sure I fixed all known bugs with this release, try to break it EDIT: Time is really messed up in the space center scene but that isn't game breaking so we can ignore it for now
  11. https://github.com/ducakar/TextureReplacer/releases/tag/v2.0.2
  12. The config is packaged in Starsystems/Config/MM_PlanetFactory_Example.cfg but it could go anywhere in GameData.
  13. You can modify the example planetfactory confi and change the planet names. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/medsouz/StarSystems/master/GameData/StarSystems/Config/MM_PlanetFactory_Example.cfg
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