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  1. Yes but on the flipside, if you handwave practical, economical and political hurdles why not just build an interstellar warp drive and go find an Earth twin that is better than Earth in every single way and relocate the entire population of Earth there? There is no self-sustaining, closed loop ECLSS system yet, and there won't be for a while. Even if we get that, and everything else required to go to either Venus or Mars and settle humans on either of them permanently, why would you choose Venus over Mars? Venus is worse for settling humans on in every conceivable way, most notably the fact th
  2. Falcon 9 (and subsequently also the Heavy) are already human rated. You must have missed the news from earlier this year. Elon Musk has consistently talked about Mars in the context of SpaceX going to Mars and building a city on Mars, not waiting for NASA to do some flags and footprint Mars mission using his vehicles and/or spacecraft (though that may also come true). - - - Updated - - - Think of it as a demonstration mission on steroids, coupled with it being amazing advertising. I believe Elon Musk is deadly serious about wanting to go to Mars in a big way, and in order to do that he needs
  3. Yes. They're in a better place now, where they have plenty of space in which to roam around freely.
  4. Following the deaths of 14 astronauts and several commissions, the emphatic conclusion is that mixing significant cargo payloads with human passengers in a piloted system is not a recipe for success. If you do away with the crew part of the Space Shuttle, you're left with an unnecessarily complicated, heavy and risky way to launch cargo to orbit. Why lug around 60 tonnes of "Space Shuttle V2" to get 20 tonnes of usable payload to orbit? The smarter solution is to build a safe and fully or partially reusable "normal" launch vehicle. The Space Shuttle proved that reuse of a large winged spacepla
  5. There is no point to a flying Venus colony, it's all science fiction make believe. Mars provides an infinitely better environment in which to settle humans. A 30-day manned research mission to Venus however, would be nice to have. But even something like this is completely beyond the capability of NASA at the moment and in the foreseeable future. A mission like the one in the video would require research, design, building and testing many incredibly complicated pieces of hardware. NASA does not exactly have tens of billions of dollars lying around. [Citation needed]
  6. Dragon V2 only weighs ca 4.2 tonnes, less without the heat shield and parachutes. You could easily fling a Dragon V2 to the moon or Mars or pretty much anywhere in the inner solar system using a Falcon Heavy. Dragon V2 is already in the process of being fully certified and manrated (Falcon 9/Heavy already are), and even then there are absolutely no regulations stopping SpaceX from sending their own people (non-NASA astronauts) into space. Wrong. Falcon Heavy will be flying next year. Elon Musk has stated that Dragon V2 is already capable of landing on the moon; all it takes are minor modifica
  7. Thanks! Textile Product Development and Entrepreneurship, a 3 year program where I will be trying to build a space suit.
  8. To misquote Mark Twain: "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated" I'm back! Well, sort of. I could say that I have been busy with other stuff but the truth is that I just sort of lost interest in KSP. With the release 1.0 I'm slowly rediscovering my interest in playing KSP and - most importantly for this thread - making mods for KSP. The plan in the OP remains unchanged but I should say that I am not making any promises that I will actually finish the mod. The most likely outcome is that I disappear again in a while, perhaps never to be seen again. I am after all going to university
  9. Yeah, no. My impression is that there are a lot of people on here who believe they know more than they really do and/or who get their information mainly from wikipedia or cooky websites. You don't need to bring hydrogen to Mars. You can get hydrogen from electrolyzing water, which you are (ideally) already making to sustain humans and plants.
  10. The U.S. Every other nation is so far behind and have much less funding. I'd be surprised if the first crew on Mars was all American however.
  11. The mission - CRS-5 - is not yet a success, they still have to get to ISS. The first stage recovery was an experiment outside of the mission.
  12. Thanks RobotsAndSpaceships! Yeah, absolutely. It's still a work in progress, eventually I want to add a more mechanical, less smooth unfolding motion. That'll come later. The engine cluster, the radiator panels - everything below the capsule excluding the solar panels - is all one part, but I think I can accommodate you. I have mocked up a 2.5m service module decoupler (seen in blue below) which you can use to stack service modules on top of eachother. The red cylinder is 2.5m in diameter and can be anything - a fuel tank, another pod, a stock decoupler with other things on top etc.
  13. Thank you Cpt. Kipard! Thanks! I opted for custom panels in the end, but they are Dragon-like in size and shape. You mean the silhouette in the OP? My bad; it's not meant to be 100% representative, I just took an image of the PPTS and made an outline out of it. If you ask Beale nicely maybe he'll make a replica for Tantares. I'm trying to make some sort of realistic/stockalike fusion thing with my own spin on it, not replicas. Sorry for the confusion! Thanks a lot Bomoo! As for your request, well, I've tried to make it as modular and interchangeable with stock and other mods as possible. Fo
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