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  1. I seem to have gotten to the point where I can build rockets faster than I can recondition the pad after launching them. This seems inevitable at some point in the game. The following is my analysis of the situation. Please let me know if I'm misunderstanding anything. The in-game ways don't really work. Using smaller rockets doesn't solve the problem, because smaller rockets get built faster, counteracting the faster reconditioning. Upgrading VAB rates also means your rockets get built faster. So either way, you end up with more launches per unit of time, but you still have an ever-growing stockpile of rockets waiting to launch. And when you add in the effect of recovered parts and using the same parts multiple times causing them to get built quicker (the "Build Effect" in the time settings), it gets even worse. So I think the settings have to be tweaked in order to avoid an inevitable backlog occurring at some point. Is the rollout/recon. split the Rollout % in the Time settings? I think tweaking this will help in the short term, but a few more VAB upgrades and I'll still be building faster than I can launch. If I understand it correctly, this will let me get to the point where if I start a rollout as soon as a launch is done, the rollout will finish just as the reconditioning is finished. It defaults to 25%, so I suspect setting it to 50% would be the balance point, and effectively make the reconditioning take 2/3rds the default time. Do I have that right? If I'm doing the math right, the max reconditioning time is 16 Kerbal days (96 hours). Since I'm not getting up to anywhere near that and am starting to get a backlog, it looks like I'd have to lower this a lot to make a difference. But it might be the best solution in the short run. This leaves reducing the reconditioning time/mass ratio. I guess I'll tweak it up a bit, but I don't think it's really a long term solution. If reconditioning time was directly related to the actual time it takes to build a rocket, there should be a value that avoids the inevitable backlog. But the build effect actually makes the builds speed up faster than the VAB build rates increase, since repeatedly built parts get built faster. I'm not sure there is a good way to avoid a backlog with this going on, other than maxing out the reconditioning time. I think the long term solution is your plan to allow players to build more launch pads. This allows the player to effectively buy a faster reconditioning rate as they get to the point where they need it.
  2. they are expanded in the screenshot. When not expanded, they are just "[+] Note:". When expanded, they have [-].
  3. Yeah, call me paranoid, but I'm just hesitant about accepting a contract without knowing what I'm getting into. It wasn't so much wanting to know every detail, but I wasn't even seeing that it was hotel vs. casino, I was just seeing that there seemed to be a casino involved in one of the choices, and no hint as to what the other was. Hmm, I just accepted it, but I still don't see any more info, using either the normal contract window or dmagic's Contract Window+
  4. I just got the investor tour contract offered to me, and I'm a little puzzled. There are two investors and I have to choose which one. There is a mention that the casino is harder, but has a bigger payout. But there is no indication which investor is associated with the casino and which is associated with some other, unspecified project. Makes it kinda hard to make a decision. I think a little more explanation as to what the choices are and which investor represents which choices would be helpful.
  5. I think the KIS inventory in a ship is associated with the seat, not the kerbal. When in the VAB, you can open and assign to the inventory for the various seats. So if you move a kerbal to another seat, I think the inventory stays behind. Think of that drill as being in a cabinet next to the seat in the capsule. If you move Bob to the science lab, the drill stays in the capsule. The items only go into the kerbal's inventory when he gets up to go on EVA, not when he gets up to go to another seat.
  6. I had an odd behaviour on a magnetic scan satellite contract. I already had one satellite with magnetometer and RPWS orbiting the Mun for one contract, and got a contract for a similar satellite for kerbin. While it was still ascending from launch, I looked at the contracts pulldown and it was showing that the "orbit with eccentricity above .24" was satisfied, even though it was not yet in orbit (but the eccentricity was indeed above .24). When I got into a circular orbit eccentricity of .001, the requirement was still showing as satisfied. There didn't seem to be a requirement that the orbit be around kerbin, so I'm wondering if it was giving me credit for the satellite I had orbiting the Mun with eccentricity above 0.24?
  7. Hmmm, the launch pad reconditioning bottleneck is interesting, but it would be nice to have an option of doing what NASA did, and build multiple launch pads. That would be a bit beyond the scope of this mod, though.
  8. But debris would tend to drift away given time. If you've ever tried to park two vessels next to each other without docking them, you know how quickly that happens.
  9. I've run into the ascent AP not being able to control the throttle before. And the maneuver nodes not getting throttle when executed. This has happened to me when updating from build 438 to 449 or later (I haven't tried any builds between 438 and 449, so the change may have been anywhere in between). I also noticed that when this happens, the slideout drawer for mechjeb has a lot fewer windows available (But the autopilot and maneuver planner were still available through blizzty's toolbar). This is happening early in a career game where I haven't unlocked the tech that should allow the ascent autopilot and maneuver planner. But back in build 438, they were available at the start, when they shouldn't have been. I'm wondering if that was fixed in between builds and this is an effect of having a ship that thinks it has the functionality and a backend that thinks it doesn't (or something like that)? This seems to save something in the persistence file, because even if I delete the GameData\Mechjeb2 directory and reinstall build 438, the problem is still there. But switching back to an older persistence file after moving back to build 438 fixes it. Sorry, I don't have logs from when I've had this happen, but I thought this info might be helpful. Edit: Looking back at the changelog, it looks like the science unlocking was fixed in build 440, so this looks like it may well be related.
  10. I just updated to build 449 (tried 452 and had the "no windows" issue). Now I'm finding that MechJeb doesn't seem to be able to control the throttle. Using the Ascent autopilot, the throttle just stays at the default 50% setting when I engage autopilot. If I hit space to launch, the rocket stays at 50% and settles onto the pad when the clamps let it go. If I don't launch, but instead engage the autopilot and then disengage it, the throttle drops to 0%. Engaging again doesn't raise it above 0%. If i manually raise the throttle to 100%, the launch works, but then when the apogee gets to the orbit altitude I have set, MechJeb doesn't throttle down and just keeps accelerating. I manually killed the throttle and let the autopilot continue. It set up the maneuver node to circularize, but when it got there, it never throttled up. It's like a wire is broken between MechJeb and the engines. I've completely removed my GameData\MechJeb folder and re-installed, and still have the same issue. This is KSP 1.0.2 with build 449 of MechJeb. Any idea what is happening? EDIT: Well, it doesn't seem to actually be a build 449 issue. I went back to the version on CKAN and had the same issue, which I did not have with that version before. I then loaded an earlier persistence file and things worked fine. So it was something messed up in my save. I'm not going to worry any more about it, I'll just repeat a couple of hours of play. <shrug>
  11. Imagine microwave popcorn without the microwave.
  12. Also, I'm pretty sure Jeb (and maybe the other orange-suited kerbonauts?) is immune.
  13. I've thought of this, too. I just didn't ever get around to asking for it. This would be really useful for lots of contracts, both on the Mun/Minmus, and on Kerbin. It's obviously not as high priority as getting things working with the new aero model of course, but it would be really nice to have later on. Thanks again for all the work you put into this, sarbian. It really makes the game a lot better. Keith