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  1. Prologue: Powder Keg ===== February 13, Y1 - Manleyville, Kethinian Federation ===== ===== February 27, Y1 - Noenna, Norungia ===== "This is unacceptable!" Said Norungian Emperor Ferdinand to the ambassador to Nerbus. "Either they surrender, or else!" "But my liege!" replied the ambassador. "We can't risk a war! We will bring the wrath of the Kruillians onto us!" "Not if we wipe Nerbus off the map first!" answered the Emperor. "It's still a bad idea, my liege," argued the ambassador. "It was only one militant doing things out of Nerbus Government's hand. We must not-" Emperor Ferdinand interjected: "We gave them one chance to avoid the bloodshed. They refused. We must show the might of the empire! To war!" "My liege!" the ambassador hopelessly resisted. ===== March 1, Y1 - from Kosovo, Kruillic Empire ===== Dear Emperor of Norungia, We have been notified of your wish to declare war on Nerbus. Please reconsider. As an ally of Nerbus, we have an obligation to defend them at all cost. Please beware that any hostile actions in Nerbian territory will constitute a cause for a declaration of war from us. We do not want the war to happen. Please reconsider your decision. We wish to resolve the issue diplomatically. Best, Aleskander III, Tsar of Kruillic Empire ===== March 3, Y1 - from Noenna, Norungia ===== Dear Tsar of Kruillic Empire, We share your concerns. Unfortunately, the issue is simply too urgent for us to back down. We are open to diplomatic table, but only if you could rein your friend in. Best, Ferdinand IV, Emperor of Norungian Union ===== March 5, Y1 - from Kosovo, Kruillic Empire ===== Dear Emperor of Norungia, We regrettably declares war on Norungian Union in defense of our ally Nerbus. We hope that the war will be brief and that we will return to diplomatic table. Best, Aleskander III, Tsar of Kruillic Empire ===== By March 15, Y1 - the world ===== Offscreen: Manchester Commonwealth, Sicily, Kethinian Federation. Allied Powers are in blue, Central Powers in yellow, and neutral countries in green. Not long after, the war was in motion. This had to do with the labyrinth of the treaty system of the time. The Sontaaw Empire solidified its alliance with the Norungians, and both entered a tentative alliance with Sicily. Sicily, however, decided to sit out of the war, for the time being. However, the Sontaaw let its alliance with Krullica expire, allowing Lorraine, which Sontaaw defeated a while ago, to ally with Kruillica, meaning Sontaaw was now surrounded by both sides. Lorraine also ended de facto hostilities with Manchester Commonwealth, and by the war started had entered into a tentative, but secret, alliance. Angered by the refusal of Nerbus to surrender its sovereignty (of all things), Norungian Union declared war on them, prompting Kruillican Empire to defend them. In response, Sontaaw Empire declared war on them as well. This drew Lorraine into war as well. (The Sontaaw also drew themselves in a corner by declaring war on Lorraine first rather than wait for a declaration, basically locking themselves to a two-front war earlier than they should.) Now Sontaaw had to fight a two front war. Meanwhile, Norungia was exasperated that Sicily did not enter war as dictated by their "alliance," and began seeking help elsewhere. Finally, Manchester was increasingly worried about the situation, as Jenson - not yet at war - was one of their allies and was poised to be attacked. Almost all of the major powers stood to gain something. The Lorranians were itching to repay the Sontaaw what they got handed. The Sontaaw were ready to break the will of their enemies. The Norungians were ready to teach the Nerbians a lesson. The Kruillians were ready to regain whatever prestige they lost to the Honshuai a decade ago. Nerbus was ready to defend its sovereignty. And the Mancunians were ready to show the world who's the boss. The situation would only get worse before it gets better. ===== Side note ===== The whole prologue is a lot less gentleman-ly than it seems.
  2. One assassination. One war. A changed world. ===== Table of Contents ===== Prologue: Powder Keg Chapter 1: Mobilization Chapter 2: Home by Kerbmas Chapter 3: ????? ===== Reserved ===== ===== Other Notes ===== I'm taking a break from the "working title" story because an important mod is stuck in 1.2.2, and I've updated to 1.3, so I have to wait while the mod gets updated. In the meantime, I'm starting on a new storyline. It is based on the real-life World War I, but historical accuracy takes a backseat here. Many of the elements pertaining WWI still exists, but the storyline is slightly different. Unlike the "working title" series, this writing is a post-war account of the war from several perspectives. All combatants will get at least a chapter all to themselves. Suffice to say, there will be death and suffering.
  3. That explains the graphics glitches. Kopernicus 1.3.0-4 does make the bugs much more bearable so I'll keep using 1.3. Not that I can revert because most of my mods are compiled for 1.3 ...
  4. Surprisingly, reverting to 1.3.0-4 does fix almost all of my issues. Thanks for the help. Well, now I have to deal with RAM usage bloating to 99%, though it probably have to do with me installing mods incorrectly...
  5. I really wanted to test out this mod, but I ran into this graphical glitches. Also the planets are a bit too bright. I'm using Kopernicus 1.3.0-6 and KSS 0.6.1. My modlist: System specs: i5-4690k, GTX 750 Ti (2GB GDDR5), 24GB RAM (2x4GB + 2x8GB)
  6. Sorry about the long inactivity, I've been busy for the last two months. When I found time in August, I updated KSP to 1.3, and several mods are rendered broken as a result. The most crucial, BD FPS, is broken by the Kerbal collision fix in 1.2.1. Partially because of that, I forked from the main GitHub repo and added changes of my own to the project that fixed the issue. I have filed a pull request to the main repo. But because mods were broken, it means that I have to rebuild the settings from scratch. Fortunately, this allowed me to reevaluate what mods I should use for the rest of the series. None of this changes the storyline in any way, and new chapters will come, hopefully sooner rather than later. To close off, here is a preview of the next story arc: ========================================================================== Valentina: First contact protocol, what should we do? Nedming: No use of force unless threaten by it. But… Valentina: Stick to the rules. We can’t risk a war in space. Nedming: Fine. But I’ll keep an eye on you in case they start shooting. Valentina: Hello? We come in peace. Unknown: Iska nog! Valentina: We can’t understand you! Unknown: Iska nog! Nedming: They are beating up Bob! Valentina: We have to do this! ========================================================================== EDIT: Well, I will be using Kopernicus mods for minor revision and future chapters. Given that neither are known to be compatible with each other, I'll probably need to make some changes so that they do work with each other... ========================================================================== Sept. 6 update: The mod that I need to use for the chapters after is yet to be updated to 1.3.x, although it is coming. So this series is on hiatus until then. In the meantime, I'm working on something else now...
  7. Chapter 1: Prodromos Five years have passed since the launch of the Promise. In Kerbal Space Center, a prototype spacecraft is about to be unveiled. Date: 4/6/2082. Location: Kerbal Space Center Mission Profile: Codename: Prodromos-1 Vehicle: Prototype Multipurpose Exploration Vehicle (MEV) Crew: Jebediah (Commander), Valentina (Copilot), Bill (Engineer), Bob (Scientist) CAPCOM: Merlin Objective: Test out the warp drive. Jebediah: Fifteen years of development.. this project started since I was a teenager, in fact. Bob: I dunno if I should go, Jeb... Valentina: Don't worry, Bob. You'll do just fine. Besides, we couldn't do it without you. Bob: Alright... I guess. Jebediah: All systems go. Activating powered landing system. MechJeb: Powered landing system activated. Jebediah: Strange that a Jeb is talking to a Jeb. Oh well, taking off vertically. Bill: Switching to horizontal thrusters, resuming SSTO path. Bill: Orbit reached. Aiming toward Jool. Jebediah: Activating warp drive. Warp drive at 10%... Jebediah: Warp drive at 50%... Jebediah: Warp drive at full power. Activating... MechJeb: Target locked. Powering up warp drive. Valentina: Yee-haw! Bill: Whoa! Bob: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Jebediah: Jump complete. We are within safe distance from Jool. Bob: Ah! Remind me not to look into space. Merlin: Prodromos, status update. Bill: It worked The warp drive worked! Jebediah: Diagnostics complete. No issues reported. Merlin: Roger, Prodromos. Merlin: (to Gene) Maybe Jeb's onto something. Jebediah: CAPCOM? I gotta tell you something. Merlin: Yeah? Jebediah: Don't tell anyone. Most of the successful test flights are due to superb engineering. Except this one. Maybe, because the warp drive is untested. Merlin: I thought... well, okay. Thanks. Valentina: Returning to Kerbin. Valentina: We are off a bit. Making a brief mid-course correction. Bill: Exiting warp. Dropping into Low Kerbin Orbit. Bob: Reentry trajectory confirmed. Remind me not to look at the window, again. Bob: Reentering. Bill: Heat shield at 99%. Overheating reported at Propulsion Bay B. Correcting. Jebediah: Maneuvering systems normal. Trajectory normal. Approaching landing zone. Bill: Activating powered landing systems. Jebediah: Now where should we land this thing? Bob: Not again, Jeb! Jebediah: Nevermind. I'll just land anywhere. Bob: I hope this is sincerely better. Bill: Hover thrusters normal. Starting descent. Jebediah: Touchdown confirmed. Jebediah: Now the fun part... Bob: Jeb? Really!? Bob: [panting] You happy now? Jebediah: Only five years ago, such technology were never thought to have existed, or even possible. But here we are, with the ship that could change space travel forever. Bill: As if SpaceX hadn’t done enough… Bob: [panting] Well, it is one-tenth SpaceX parts- Valentina: Alright team, are we walking out of here or what? Merlin: Prodromos, congratulations on the successful maiden flight. Now get back to Mission Control for debriefing. ========================================= Ship and Crew Status - As of 4/6/2082 Ship Crew Size Status Location Ark Promise 44 Unknown ~1 million km from Kerbin (4/3/2077) Beyond Saurus (projected 4/6/2082) Prodromos 4 Landed Kerbal Space Center On another note, I should consider changing the name of the series to something different. I haven't settled on one, though.
  8. Yeah... BD FPS was broken in 1.2.1, and the 1.2.x fallback is 1.2.2. I probably won't go back to 1.3 for a while, at least until the mod proves less necessary. I have no idea whether those are fake or real, because I can't see glass between the frames. Probably for PR, I guess.
  9. Prologue: Promise Mission Profile: Codename: Promise Vehicle: Colony Ship Crew: Bobvey (Commander), Ronuki (Co-pilot), Berigh (Mission specialist) + 3 others Passengers: 38 CAPCOM: Jebediah Objective: Colonize Prok system. Note: Comtact expected to be lost in the foreseeable future. Date: 3/21/2077. Location: Middle Kerbin orbit. Ronuki: All systems go, captain. Bobvey: Copy, copilot. It was a day few thought would come. The greatest scientific minds predicted that there is practically zero chance the ship, Ark Promise, would be constructed, let alone piloted, while in orbit. And yet it was. Now its 44 crew and passengers rode on the colony ship, hoping to settle on Kiron. Their new home. Jebediah: Promise, status update. Bobvey: Copy, CAPCOM. Piloting system green. RCS green. Main thrusters... green. Gene: This might turn out better than expected. Jebediah: You know me, Flight. I say we are not out of the woods yet. Gene: Good point, CAPCOM. Now get back to work. Bobvey: ... cryo green. All systems go, CAPCOM. Jebediah: All systems go, Flight. Gene: I have planned out a trajectory that will get you into Prok. Standby while CAPCOM uploads the coordinates. Jebediah: Coordinates have been uploaded, Promise. Bobvey: Affirmative. Setting up trans-lunar burn. Ronuki: Approaching burn point. Bobvey: Prepare for burn. Fire! Bobvey: Burn complete. Time taken: 9:24. Jebediah: Copy. Check for VASIMR systems. Bobvey: VASIMR running at a warm 1000K. All systems normal, CAPCOM. Jebediah: Affirmative. Prepare for burn in 15 days. Date: 3/29/2077. Location: Kerbol orbit, ~200,000 km from Kerbin. Berigh: Mann, I am getting bored. Could I get some snacks? Ronuki: Better get back before we fire the engine again. Berigh: I could use some gravity, you know! Ronuki: We could spin up the ship if you want. Berigh: No thanks. Ronuki: Captain, why isn't Flight putting Jeb in? He's the best pilot and commander ever. Bobvey: I dunno. Even Jeb seems frightened by this machinery. And anything Jeb pilots are crew-friendly, even if it is not vehicle-friendly. Ronuki: Now you are scaring me, captain. Better get back to work. Jebediah: Promise, status update. Bobvey: We are setting up for a long-ass burn. Expect one hour of talking. Gene: Prepare for burn in 30 seconds. Bobvey: 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... burning now! Ronuki: Power level just spiked in electronics! No problems so far, but we better watch out. Jebediah: Power spike? This systems was supposed to have redundancies. Are any of them kicking in, Promise? Ronuki: Ah yes... it just kicked in. Jebediah: 10 second delay... it could mean a lot. Ronuki: What? Jebediah: Nothing. Jebediah: (To Gene) I just prefer a faster-activating redundancy. Gene: Agreed. Bobvey: Burn complete. Date: 4/3/2077. Location: ~1 million km from Kerbin. Promise Assistant: Alert: multiple system failures detected. Repair attempts inconclusive. Wake up, Pilot Ronuki. Ronuki: Whaaa- what is happening? Alarms are going all over the places! I must have dozed off... Captain... Captain? Bobvey: ... Ronuki: Kerbin, do you read us? Kerbin? Jebediah: (static) Promise! We are reading several system failures? What happened? Ronuki: It's my fault. I didn't- Jebediah: Don't fret, Ronuki. The systems are not supposed to malfunction for another century! Try running diagnostics, Ronuki. Ronuki: Running... the captain is unresponsive! What do we do? Jebediah: Can you call in the medic? Ronuki: I am calling... Berigh! Where are you? We need help at the command center! Berigh: Coming! Gotta watch those wires... Ronuki: Diagnostics complete. Ronuki: Looks like we lost the reactor, falling back on RTGs. We also lost hydroponics and the engines. RCS is still operational, but damaged. Whatever happened took out a huge chunk of the ships, and knocked a lot of people out. We need to salvage the situation! Jebediah: [swears], [swears]! Is cryo operational? Ronuki: Still fully operational. What- oh wait. Jebediah: There is no way we can rescue you while you are en route to another star. The only way to have a chance... Ronuki: ... is to get everyone to cryo. Jebediah: I'm sorry... Promise. It's the only way. Ronuki: There's gotta be another way! Is the onboard ship assistant- Jebediah: Sorry. The AI assistant is not fully developed. Worse, it has suffered extensive damages. There's a lot of issues here... Ronuki: And with the captain out of service... Ronuki: (to all of Promise) All personnel are to evacuate to cryo pods A, B, C, D, E, effective immediately. Berigh: What about the captain? Ronuki: We'll stay until everyone else gets in, Berigh. Berigh: ... alright. Here goes. Ronuki: Deactivating nonessential systems to increase power supply. Activating RTG auto-maintenance. Diverting power to refrigeration and cryonics. What else- Jebediah: Promise! Do you read me, Promise! [swears]! Gene: Attempt conventional communication. Jebediah: Attempting... Negative, Flight. Gene: Attempt communication through comm buoys. Jebediah: I'm trying... No joy. Valentina: Don't those ships have high-power antennas? Try them. Jebediah: Projecting path... detecting telemetry... Still no joy. Bill: Try QECs! I put all of the communication systems into the ship! Bob: Maybe that's why the systems overloaded! Jebediah: Huh, I always thought we did a stress test rather than a normal test. Thanks, Bob, for telling me! Bob: [swears], not Bill. Jebediah: Attempting QEC telemetry... Feeble connection made. Getting a ping on the ship location. Gene: Download everything from the on-board Black Box. Jebediah: Trying... I only have a few seconds to... Bob: Helping you out, Jeb. All data downloaded. Jebediah: Whew, close one. Date: 4/4/2077. Location: Kerbal Space Center. Arnold: The Promise disappeared? How are we supposed to earn a profit? Addison: That's the point, you greedy scumbag. Gene: Hold on everyone. Even if Promise does get there, it would take almost an entire lifetime for it to turn a profit. But that is not the point here. The point is that we are planning a rescue mission to bring them back, but... Jebediah: It won't be possible until we develop a new form of travel technology. It won't come until years later. Arnold: What... you are working on the Alcubierre Drive again? That thing is a definite failure, I am certain. Addison: Even if it is possible, the crew would most likely be dead! Valentina: With all due respect, everyone, we have no other option. Besides, the crew most likely are in cryo. We wish it could happen after we got our warp drive, but we have no other option as of now. Arnold: Well, if you fail, I'm buying Kerbal Space Program. Gene: Sorry, Kerbal Space Program is not up for privatization. Ever. Arnold: [grumbles] ================================================ Ship and Crew Status - As of 4/4/2077 Ship Crew Size Status Location (Last Known) Ark Promise 44 Unknown ~1 million km from Kerbin (4/3/2077)
  10. KSP 1.1.3: Ark Promise, carrying 44 colonists to Prok system in search for a new world. It won't end well for them.
  11. Waiting for mods to be updated: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/161385-some-series-that-i-have-no-name-for-working-title/&do=findComment&comment=3159072 Hi again. It's been a while since I checked this forum, and things have changed quite a bit. Namely, where the mods are , but mostly all the new faces (Hi all of you ). Anyway, I'm doing a new series (that I have yet to give a name for), and it involves interstellar travel, colonization, things going horribly wrong, etc. This will be done on KSP 1.1.3, because most of the mods that I will use are incompatible with the latest version of KSP (1.3), and things will go horribly wrong on startup with outdated mods on 1.3 . Chapters: Prologue: Promise Chapter 1: Prodromos Chapter 2: TBA ================================================ Ship and Crew Status - As of 4/4/2077 Ship Crew Size Status Location (Last Known) Ark Promise 44 Unknown ~1 million km from Kerbin (4/3/2077) Beyond Saurus (projected 4/6/2082) Prodromos 4 Landed Kerbal Space Center
  12. It misses. The bullet heads toward the next poster's head.
  13. You can't fire a bullet with the railgun without ammunitions.
  14. I create another hill on top of your crater. My hill.
  15. I explode your bulldozer. (Watch_Dogs.dll still stands.) No one's hill.
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