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  1. No problem. Also, I do have to say that some constructive criticism generally leads to less criticism overall, constructive and otherwise.
  2. Just so you know, that's WAY better. Not many people do what you just did, KSK.
  3. Yes, it is the one on the first page, but it seems to be working just fine now. Just for future reference, it might be a good idea to put some more space between individual links, because I have had problems with selecting specific ones in the past when they're as close together as they are here.
  4. Just so you know, KSK, for me, the link to the most recent chapter does not work. If you would please fix the issue, I'd be happy.
  5. First part=clever. Using a nuke as an EMP by detonating it ABOVE the ionosphere. Clever, clever Communists. No modifications are required to the device, but the effect is absolutely devastating. What you've done here has happened only once in real life, and it was by accident as well. It killed the power in the Hawaiian Islands, though... Also, the third paragraph in part two is a duplicate of the second.
  6. Infinite Improbability Drive. How long until the next explosion?
  7. Yeah, a (minor) case of home invasion. Didn't trip the alarm system because he slipped through the windows leading into the basement (which are quite small, mind you). Also, I was more just pointing the gun at him to get him out of the house, since a .22 longrifle is only really good for target practice and not much else (Also, my dad keeps the ammo in a secret location. Have to find out where he's keeping it one of these days.).
  8. Uh oh... It seems the assassins are back (again), because I had somebody trying to imitate (online) me when I came in, and that person nearly managed to get me (thank goodness for the .22 being easily accessible).
  9. You were right about the being at the north pole part. Perhaps you should go and try to toss an asteroid down there (preferably class E).
  10. Script 10 lbs. ice+10 lbs. Thermite do IGNITE enddo setTimer1(60) if Timer1=0 check var(explosion) if explosion=true, print(YES!) else,print(No.) endif endif print(Was there a thermite reaction when the Hindenberg burned?) endScript
  11. Your attempt to backstab me leads to you triggering the mobile stasis emitters that I install at every place I live in to protect me, allowing me to simply change my location and shoot you in the head the moment I deactivate the field. I then take that blade of yours and send it to the local mass relay along with the coordinates of the next poster. That poster has 10 seconds to evacuate their current location.(The mass relay I used has a variance of up to 10 meters at a distance of 100 lightyears, so the targeting is uncertain.)
  12. Well then, why not turn it into something that is an absolute monster in terms of parts, is really laggy, and is likely to be possessed by a wiggly horse at any time?
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