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  1. It sounds like CBBP is giving you a go ahead, Deimos007
  2. Not that, I seen and pretty sure, I have them all just need names, lol I'm one of those people that can't trash things when you comes to mods some, I may have 12 or copies of the same thing across 3 hard drives lol.

  3. If you do have the time to work on this again, the SSPP would be majorly appreciated, CBBP. I'm half-tempted to try and get it working in 1.02 myself, but like you I've lost most of my free time as of late.
  4. So, the HOME download only has the Rover and Orbital Systems, correct? Was there an updated called HOME 3.0 or does that specifically refer to 3m parts, because even the folders in the OP HOME zip read as HOME2? Been out of the KSP loop for almost 6+ months, so please forgive me.
  5. Hope everything is okay on your end. Just got back into KSP recently, hopefully you still make mods despite the forum drama.

  6. Seconded on this mod not showing up on CKAN.
  7. This keeps bugging me while I do interior models for my (tentative) series of parts. I know the world scale for parts in relationship to the stock parts, but the size of the Kerbals during EVA throws me off. I'd really appreciate an answer from one of the devs or anybody who could guide me to an anwser. FYI, I have the in-suit height of a Kerbal at 1m. Just a rough ballpark between the part and EVA scales.
  8. No, you'll have to manually add/edit the new code to all non-stock parts, which is part of the reason I asked about support for the 0.5m set.
  9. Personal request, but I'd think it'd be a great idea to work with Taverius to combine FAR with his SpacePlane Fixes Pack, especially the fuselage and engines. Imagine the possibilities with the 0.5m intakes and engines.
  10. I'd really love to know which of these two are recommended.
  11. Can you use both the ORDA and Erkle docking plugins, or just one of them?
  12. Is there a consensus on how big the Kerbalnauts are? I'm currently using a 1m height, and building at "final" scale (meaning I don't intend to use the rescaleFactor to adjust the size).
  13. Sorry I'm late, but the canopy issues have been fixed. Thanks everyone.