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  1. Meh, if anything I'll be adding a bunch of config options, so it'll all be optional. Some of us don't even like the idea of using monoprop
  2. Doubt it would, as the game is already fudging stuff for the eva. Also, zip is fixed
  3. hrm, sounds like broken zip handling. Think I know what the problem is, and I'll get it fixed, though you really aren't missing much, should be able to just rename it to EvaFuel.dll. Only other thing in there is a license, and that's up on github if you really want to look at it.(it's just MIT licensed)
  4. heh, it's gotta be hardcoded, but I'll look at playing with it. EVA Propellant is currently massless, so....
  5. They added monoprop to pods, but EVA's didn't take any out of the pod, cause they thought it made the game less fun. That's arguably true, but it's a personal preference thing, therefore I made this. (Note, it's not even my preference, people just requested it) Any idea what to reduce it to? Also thinking I might reduce thrust a little too Yeap, it all goes back in!(minus what you used)
  6. EvaFuel is a simple mod that makes your spacewalks use monopropellant. It's really just designed for when you are playing on "hard mode", or just want to be realistic about spacewalks. Fuel in the pod: Fuel on the Kerbal: No fuel left in the pod(the kerbal has it all): Download is on KerbalStuff License is MIT, and included in the download. Source is https://github.com/andyleap/EvaFuel
  7. still need photos and stuff to put it on the forums, but... [removed link to defunct website]
  8. Way to go, saying "I'm not an ass" and then immediately starting in on sarcastically insulting mod authors.
  9. The issue is more when you start violating licenses. Not everything is licensed "do what you want with it", in fact a lot of art resources are more towards all rights reserved. Violate those licenses and Squad will get rid of your download links in no time. For one, KAS wouldn't allow this sort of thing, it's license is rather locked down.
  10. Main 2 things compared to TAC are: It kept things separated by vessel, even when docked, so if you docked to a refueling station with 8 tanks, you could transfer out of those 8 tanks and into your 3 tanks on your ship in a just a few clicks. And, I also had a fuel network system similar to KAS that would allow fuel transfers without needing ships to be docked in any manner.
  11. Just so you know, I'm actually in the middle of a rewrite of V.F.M., expect it out in the next couple of days
  12. Correct, though TweakScale should be fixed now. In addition, I'm planning on using negative returns in the future, as some stuff is too dangerous to just let it explode on the ground. (Think nuclear engines and such) Hopefully I'll even be able to do some calculations to say landing stuff on water is safer then land, and such, but that starts getting complex
  13. Also, try to make sure your solution is XKCD 927-proof
  14. You do realize that TweakScale updated about 2 hours before your post with a fix to this exact problem? And people thought I was crazy for putting in an update checker.....
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