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  1. Thanks I'll continue the experiments here. (off: why is the forum in a question-answer format? it's weird)
  2. Hi all Long time player here. Long time away also! I can see a lot has changed, so, anyone wants to throw some hints at me? just to put me up to date with the new mechanics. I noticed a few things. The aerodynamics is a lot more realistic. We didn't have to worry about drag that much. I mean, we had, but it was all very simplistic, and now too much drag at the front of the plane puts it off balance. I also noticed air breathing engines have an oxygen dependent thrust. This is a lot more realistic and I feel it's what causing the major changes to the rules of designing SSTOs. I can actually get a simple SSTO on orbit using RAPIERs but just barely. I'm trying to make one with a nuke engine as a first step to make a single stage to the mun or other planets. Anyway, hints?
  3. Haha "Why" is not a suitable question when it comes to KSP. Looks like you had fun doing that.
  4. I don't think that's really detrimental. AR is not VR, it serves a different purpose. AR really shines as an 'utility', for lack of a better word, for example, to show you in a 3d graph floating above your printer how much ink it has left, to use your table and physical blocks to represent editors of whatever kind. That kind of stuff. It will have use in games, of course, but NOT immersion. That's VR's purpose.
  5. Augmented reality would be ideal to design your ships on VAB/SPH, with controls specially made for this mode. The gameplay itself would be better in a monitor screen I believe.
  6. I guess the name 'scatterer' means the mod only adds the scatterer shader. I'm not the dev though, maybe he/she wants to expand his mod into a more general visual revamp. Or maybe merge it with another mod.
  7. My statement is that new aero fills most of the features FAR used to advertise before. And it is not incorrect. It's a different statement than what you seem to be interpreting (new aero is just as good as FAR). Advertised previously: "FAR gives fairings a reason to exist". So does the new engine. I hope that makes it more clear. I've been going back even more pages though, enough to answer my own question. It's even more realistic now. Some screenshots show what seems like the blade element theory model. Same model used in X-plane, perhaps?
  8. Hi all o/ I have a question. With the new aerodynamics doing most of the things FAR advertised what makes FAR special? this is not a rhetorical question! I know there are differences, but they're not clear anymore. I went back a few pages before posting, btw.
  9. The fuel amounts should work like this: there's three sliders, one for lf, one for ox and one for total fuel. The sliders are dynamic and obey the equation lf+ox=total (with coefficients to handle different densities, if desired by the devs). Then the player can adjust at will how much of what goes in each tank.
  10. I'm also thinking about that now, things are much more complex. They nerfed the nuke engines a little, but they also made it not needing ox. So it's still a powerful engine but it's more complicated. It used to be "is it in space? nukes" now not so much.
  11. I'm not sure. Sounds like intended behavior. Heat doesn't come only from atmosphere, it also spreads from part to part (heat diffusion). So if you have part A that is overheating, and part B is in close contact with it (or inside) it should overheat as well.
  12. I constantly crash while orbitin kerbin. It's very pretty but I think I'll wait until the experimental phase is over.
  13. Delta-v calculations seem wrong here too, and I'm not using fairings. Funny, I downloaded KER because mechjeb was giving me weird dv values for my nuclear engine powered space plane. I suspect it has something to do with the dramatic change the nuclear engines went through. I have no oxidizer on my ship, by the way.