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  1. Nice work! Maybe a silly question, what does +A stand for?
  2. Evidence of the quality 'Kerbo kross-stitch' that is used in the spacesuits.
  3. I agree with jmiki8 that this is inappropriate on this forum, maybe it should be kept for your other favorite social mediums.
  4. Occasionally i get in a cacao purist mood( as labelled by friends) , don't touch anything with less than 70%. I think its a sign of a good chocolatier when they can make anything over 85% that is still smooth and palatable to dark chocolate/bittersweet fans and even more so when dairy milk fans can enjoy it too. I have been trying a product here in Australia, probably in other places too, that is a chocamine extract. Not really sure if i'm totally down with it as it has quite a strong "amino acid" after taste. Opinion wise - dark chocolate is real chocolate! jk
  5. ... He walks into the SPH toward the Millennium Falcon, which is parked among several fighters. Bill , Bob , and various other kerbals hurry about. Jeb stops at the Millennium Falcon where his Wookiee copilot, Chewbacca, is UbioZur Welding on a central lifter. Chewie stops his work and lifts his face shield, growling an irritated greeting to his boss. JEB Chewie! The Wookiee grumbles a reply. JEB All right, don't lose your temper. I'll come right back and give you a hand. Chewbacca puts his mask back on and returns to his UbioZur Welding as Jeb leaves. -Brilliant model! Your persistence and patience is showing awesome results. Well done!
  6. The bane of west pacific life - We have to go back Mardi, back to the future to get our update.
  7. Because it's the day/evening before the AmA session and the others would sound funny or possibly be misleading.
  8. My advice is to search the forums as there is a lot more information than spaceport for practically all mods. Look in the section 'Add-on Releases and Projects Showcase' that is two headings under the one you posted this in. Most of the relevant mods including kethane are in the first few pages.
  9. Yes, that would be awesome! I think Pulsar:Lost Colony will have some of the dramatic moments you are after. I've been hanging on edge since these brothers started, having been a fan of FTL.
  10. Nice one! It nearly made me go to bed.
  11. Was curious if the primitive landing link and script is meant to be the same as the Hohmann link?
  12. That's some good advice from Banks, maybe take it. Attaching the term 'beta' to your leading statement is not 'understanding'. I will see a 'complete' version of this game, you bet! Just like I will see a 'complete' version of Ancient Domains Of Mystery! Yes, i am a Timelord from 1994 and i have come to tell you about the ADOM 1.2.0 Prerelease 16 now available for $40 ! Just short of 20 years in development with no publicly open source.. Now crowd funded and still buggy, highly playable as a troll with fishing skill to boot, it's awesome!
  13. I often think of it like our own head movement, head tilts back to look up, head tilts forward to look down, to look left and right is the head turning left or right and roll etc. Thinking back on myself, i wonder if conditioned by playing platformers/sidescroll shooters where the 'w' is used for up or jump can be contributed to idiosyncrasies. RCS control with analog is extremely painful.
  14. Sodium, ah Sodium, I do like you a lot. Like your little ion dance with Potassium excites my cells and i think that's hot. Essential for all animals, most plants, though in nature you are never found free. Alas, most of all and with which you can relate you make my taste buds go WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!