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  1. 1 hour ago, Red Iron Crown said:

    And where does this leave modders? Should they not release 1.1 versions until it's out of beta because not everyone has access? Should they release 1.1-compatible versions and stop supporting those people who don't have access to it? Or is the onus on them to maintain two releases and offer support to users installing the wrong version? Any approach here increases the support load for modders when they will presumably be working furiously to get their mods working on 1.1. How are modders who bought KSP through non-Steam outlets supposed to get a head start on updating, which is one of the beta's goals? And I don't even want to think of how CKAN will handle having two "current" versions of KSP being in the wild simultaneously, any approach there is going to cause additional support issues, too.

    So as I see it, the public beta is not going to significantly improve the bugfixing phase, while alienating the non-Steam portion of the userbase and increasing the workload on modders during their busiest time.

    I honestly do not think it is fair to our community to proceed with this plan. The way I see it the only fair ways to move forward are:

    • Allow everyone access to the beta, through whatever means are practical. Pony up for the additional store bandwidth, give Steam keys to people who bought elsewhere, fix the patcher so that incremental updates work instead of having to download the complete game on each update, use alternative hosting like is done for the demo version, or make at least the first beta version available through the store and other outlets so that those customers have *some* opportunity to try the new version.
    • If, for practical reasons, making it available to everyone is not feasible, then don't do a public beta. If more testing is needed then get more testers into the experimental group or extend the experimental period, or start a third private group for additional testers and modders who need early access.

    I write this as someone who is a fairly strong Squad supporter, who bought KSP through the store early enough that I could transfer my store purchase to Steam, and who is a member of the experimentals team. I personally would have access to the beta even if the current plan goes ahead, so I'm not just trying to get access for myself. I love this game and the community around it, this is about what is fair to that community as a whole.

    It is not "entitlement" or "whining" or "drama" to ask to be treated the same as other paying customers.

    Please consider the above as constructive criticism and reconsider this move.

    1) Up to the modders. Personally, I'm not releasing ANYTHING until out of beta. Build updates will likely be frequent and disruptive. I don't want any instability in my releases. The goal of experimentals is to let modders develop in private. The public beta should be similar. It gives a chance for modders who don't have experimental access the ability to get a head-start on fixes. It is up to them if they want to handle the deluge of bug reports. Modders who do release will ALSO release as beta. CKAN will likely either ignore the beta or have a beta version of it's own!

    2) It will aid bugfixing. Remember the hotfixes? This is to try and eliminate those. Don't treat this as a KSP update. Think of it as an interim product that they are providing to existing users for the cost of bug reports and non-permanent gameplay.

    From a developer standpoint, they likely have steam uploads automated with their build environment allowing for FAST turnaround time. Alowing the steam client to auto-update will help to ensure that users have up-to-date builds and aren't erroneously reporting a bug as not fixed. With other sources the builds could be much slower to update and don't guarantee that users are running the "latest and greatest". 

    That being said, I'd partially agree that the beta might be better off staying closed in experimentals for additional time rather than an open beta. I feel that users will feel "shafted" by not being able to participate in betas if they didn't purchase from Steam and can't transfer.

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