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  1. Zool's mod worked! It is a bit buggy though as it froze my system more than once, but I managed to complete my journey
  2. I am using http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/15386-0-16-Empty-Stock-Crew-Pods I am trying to utilize an Apollo style Mun landing where I detach the lander (which is attached to the top of the 3 man crew pod) and EVA to it for a landing and eventual return rendezvous with the main command capsule. In testing in orbit, once I EVA to the unmanned pod, all that is available is the RCS thrusters. I have Mechjeb installed on the debris. Do I have to mechjeb each individual component of the debris to take control of it? Right now it is connected to the top of the unmanned pod; should
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