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  1. Definitely Scott Manley.. With him, anything is possible. I also like Kurt because he was the one who made me find KSP. So, why hate him if he showed me something I like?
  2. I really think thunderf00t does a good job explaining why they aren't possible. I really love the idea, but it's just not plausible Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:
  3. Be sure to use the nuclear engine. Although they do not have a lot of thrust, they have a high specific impulse so you don't need to worry (that much) about fuel!
  4. I landed for on Duna for the first time ever! https://imgur.com/a/FPAsj
  5. Accidentally pressing the stage button (space bar) instead of ALT when trying to transfer fuel
  6. I have been to Duna before with probes, but not with Kerbals. This is the story of my first mission to Duna https://imgur.com/a/FPAsj It was very exciting!
  7. True, only with probes though The user below me does not like to sit in chairs
  8. In my file, the first Kerbal went into orbit around Minmus
  9. Kerbin: Communications satellite Mun: Comunications satellite and a flag (I just started so I don't have much)
  10. Welcome! Also, congratulations! Do you have any pictures? If not, what did you make?
  11. I found KSP from a Kurtjmac video during .13
  12. I first found KSP from a Kurtjmac video and I knew I HAD to get this game. I was never able to land on the Mun until .17 . By then I began watching Scott Manley and I really thought I learned how to get to Duna and all of the other planets until I tried and I failed.. A while after this epic failure, my computer broke and was (and still am) not able to play KSP but now, I have saved up for a new computer and will be able to play again Honestly, KSP is my favorite game that has ever been created and I thank SQUAD so much for making it.I also think this forum is so helpful and hopefully, when I get my new computer, I can get to all of the planets
  13. I really like the career update, but i would really like it if they had a whole update that is focused on career mode.
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