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  1. I can't get beamed power working. It's possibly the same problem as LastStarDust, but I can't tell. I unzipped a vanilla KSP 1.2.2, and installed nothing but KSPI-E mandatory components via CKAN. Then I built two simple ships for static testing, and still can't get them working. All the numbers look right AFAIK, except for Effective Thermal Power rapidly dropping to zero. But maybe I'm just missing something. It's been a long time since I played with KSPI beamed power. It wasn't easy then, either. Here are my ships. Launch one from SPH and the other from VAB. https://www.dropbo
  2. My compliments, RoverDude! The Konstruction parts are beautiful and I look forward to playing with them. The construction ports, OTOH, go far beyond pretty & fun. That was a brilliant innovation!
  3. I certainly have no personal experience, but from my reading, that was the wrong choice. When on the defensive at melee range, the books say knives are much deadlier than handguns.
  4. I don't think such an expensive mission for so little gain makes sense. For that price, at the very least I'd want samples returned to Earth.
  5. Once I have access to TWR and dV readouts again, I'll be happy to contribute. Without those, KSP has never been any fun for me.
  6. Can you give me a few examples? The ones I can think of are things like land mines and war gasses: Useful and fully-developed tech, but they ended up killing too many innocents.
  7. Darnok, I respectfully suggest you were never taught the purpose of "science". There's no magical process that keeps liars from becoming scientists. The special thing about science is just that those lies are always found out! The scientific method is the best way humanity has discovered to uncover fraud, but does little to prevent it. And that's the whole point. Seriously, this was precisely why the scientific method was invented 400 years ago. It doesn't create inspiration; it doesn't make discoveries come faster or easier; no, what it does is save everybody time by efficiently dis
  8. No fair ninjaing a thread that raises my blood pressure! Two pages of argument and not one poster bothered to look up how replicators are supposed to actually work. Every post makes wrong assumptions.
  9. Yep, I'm working on that problem today too. And it isn't just this mod, seems to be happening with every pod that has a built-in engine.
  10. I was having a great time at the Atomic Rockets website, when I saw this... http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/images/landing/landing35.jpg Except for the landing legs and some paint, that's a completely-stock Kerbal ship! Those filthy humans were obviously trying to hijack it with their guns, not yet realizing they're far too big and clumsy to fit into the cockpit. Maybe Jeb saw the beige giants approaching and launched. Or perhaps he hasn't noticed the humans at all but was craving roasted pterodactyl for dinner.
  11. Yes, many college students went into engineering in the 1960s because of the space program. One of them is my best friend. When Apollo shut down in the early 70s, the market dropped out and there were too many engineers for the jobs available. Many, including my friend, ended up never working in engineering. Regarding justifying the cost of the space program: I don't have a proper source for this, only hearsay: I remember one of the old hard science fiction writers claiming in a speech around 1980 that the entire cost of all the space programs in the world had been fully paid back from we
  12. Hadn't been in this subforum for a while, so just now saw this thread. I clicked on your link, got as far as Luna, and closed the tab. I see others have already complained about the economic infeasibility of combining a high-tech civilization with slavery. IMO, you should listen to them. Good luck with the writing!
  13. I recently discovered these wide-bottomed, dense pods work better with aerodynamic steering during reentry than any of the stock pods. By watching MechJeb's landing prediction and playing with the angle of the pod during reentry, I can land these suckers within a few hundred meters of my target every time. These are definitely the right pods for practicing that technique.
  14. I'm afraid I don't know what kind of official you mean. Nobody from the federal government ever interacted with me at that job, or during my whole career, actually. But none of my employers had anything to do with government contracts, so perhaps that's why?
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