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  1. So I decided to give Blender a try again, and what better way than creating a render of my favorite mod. I created this simple render using the MU to Blender exporter. Your mod is incredible! I hope I'm allowed to post this here.
  2. Just wanted to say you've inspired me to create my own IVA's using MAS. Your work looks incredible!
  3. I'm working on the internals for the mercury cockpit, I've been running behind though given a busy schedule that I have at the moment. Hopefully I'll get it done soon though!
  4. Beginning IVA modeling for the Hermes interior! I didn't get much time to work on it last week but I'll update with pictures shortly once I've got the basic layout done.
  5. I use autodesk Maya for modeling and a combination of mudbox and photoshop for texturing. Also, if you could send me the files for the Hermes exterior model that would be great! I can pm you my email if you want as well.
  6. Then that settles it! I'll start as soon as possible. I've got the summer off and will update if I get anywhere
  7. hmmm... I've always wanted to attempt to make an IVA as I have experience in 3D modeling. I wonder if I could try creating a Hermes IVA if that's okay with Cobalt.
  8. Awesome! I'm doing something like this in KRPC. I've actually been using some of your code to help me a little bit. I'm trying to create a kind of universal mechjeb for realism overhaul and up-scaled kerbin, using this and maybe the variant of iterative guidance mode used in the apollo missions for landings. Good luck on this in the future! Hope your exam goes well!
  9. These kinds of threads go absolutely nowhere. Putting people down for how they want to play a single player game only causes unhappiness.
  10. I'd actually be willing to maybe help model a few things such as additional engines. I'll have to see what my schedule is for the summer though first. I absolutely love your mod shadowmage! I have some experience in 3D modeling but I've never really tried creating mods for ksp before.
  11. I was originally going to give an angry response to @AlphaAsh's comment but I thought the better of it. Honestly we've been getting progressively angrier and more bitter and instead of solving the problem we've made it worse and, I admit, I made the problem worse as well but I think we should step back and try not to make any impassioned accusitory comments in the future. I admit that I made things worse by my accusatory comment earlier. I did not intend to cause any harm and I now recognize my error. Hopefully we will be happier in the future and come to a point of understanding.
  12. @Stone Blue and @ferram4 I agree completely. I have been shocked at the sheer amount of people who have updated mods to 1.1 and acting like it's the full actual release and not the pre-release. And when I've attempted to download mods for 1.0.5, I am often dismayed to find out that I cannot download them as the mod devs pulled the 1.0.5 version. Keep in mind I'm not pointing fingers, I'm just frustrated that some modders aren't treating 1.1 like a pre-release. I'm glad everyone seems to be handling this maturely though.
  13. Is there anyway to execute a maneuver node created outside of kRPC? For example, if you created a maneuver node, could you write a kRPC script to execute the node that was created before starting the script without creating the maneuver node within kRPC? It looks like the only way kRPC recognized a node is if it is created within itself using control.addnode().
  14. Does anyone have a 64k kerbin config for 1.5? It would be awesome if you could play this with larger sized planets.
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