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  1. there is an old mod, mainly it added a few srb's and a couple new rockets, called

    [0.23] World Space 0.5a4

    by http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/profile/70522-lovad/



    there was a post in Oct 2016 saying he was still around and working on the mod...but it has not been update for anything past 0.23   I used to use it as my "go to" mod to get into orbit


    just an addition to the list if you want it.

    1. CarnageINC


      Thank you, try to ensure its listed if I can.

  2. Devnotes are moved to Friday

    first good to hear that they will still be devnotes....
  3. I think (imho) that it will be FREE updates/expansions for PC users and as is common, PAID expansions for the consoles. but that is just my opinion.
  4. 1.1 taking TOO long

    I must apoligize for my rudeness as well (and my lack of spelling ability), it has been years since i've written any code of my own...but i do appreciate how long it takes to do it (and even longer to do it correctly). To all of squad, take your time...we (your loyal players) are NOT going anywhere......and to all the modders out there, THANK YOU for sharing with us your creative visions.
  5. 1.1 taking TOO long

    if you dont like it you can come up with the cash and form your own software company and make your own damm game and then deal with forum users like you who are evidently ungrateful for all that you DO have in KSP now and be happy and a bit patient. If it was easy to do, there would be millions of different versions of KSP out there and you would (probably) be poodleing about all the choices you would have to make....sorry...i need to stop ranting.... im glad the forum took out all my harsh language (poodleing LOL)
  6. could you add some attachment points...its really hard to add a shield to the bottom (and have it expand to cover the engines) if i can attach it centered (my last craft the shield was slightly off center and the left side of the craft spontaneusly dis-assembled during reentry
  7. you could always go thru your gamedata folders and delete the specific parts that you dont use, but would have to do that every time you update your mods
  8. KSP Community CubeSat

    and this was announced today, for later this week (and some great engine pics on the site as well) https://astro-pi.org/get-involved/watch-the-launch/
  9. [0.23] World Space 0.5a4

    well considering i said i was getting 404 errors at dropbox and not spaceport...and was getting that error before the old forums got moved...i dont get the error for an older version of this mod that is on dropbox (its a 2 year old download link that still works)
  10. [0.23] World Space 0.5a4

    is there a working download link to the latest beta version? link that is listed in this thread gives a 404 error at dropbox
  11. [1.0+] CORE Solutions [19JAN16]

    glad to hear that your still in the land of the living at least....glad to see you back posting
  12. KSP Community CubeSat

    https://www.raspberrypi.org/ has anyone considered this for your cpu needs? dual core, lots of build in ram, low power consumption and cheap (now only $25) i havent had a chance to search thru the whole thread so I'm sorry if it has been suggested before... https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/rocket-launch-onboard-pi/
  13. Video Wednesday: Minds Blown

    omg, the look of fear that one time on the kerbal's face....he just ate some reconstituted beans and realized he was gonna have gas....and can you imagine the smell of that suit after all those years.............
  14. I've donated 50k funds...I'm a rich kerbal, who isn't too bright...but its nice to see other things explode in the sky apart from my own.