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  1. Hello everyone I haven't visited this forum in 6 years. I registered in 2012, and last came on here in 2013. Oh how things have changed. I barely recognize it. The logo is still the same The people are still nice, too. Excited for KSP 2, that's what got me to come back. :cheers:
  2. Oh my. What a lovely surprise. And just in time, I'm buying a new PC. I'll add in a new GPU, just for KSP 2 #excited
  3. Well, we plan on having this being majorly science oriented but still have KSP part. Even if someone fakes the points, he/she will get like 2 or 3 for every mission, like orbiting, landing on the moon, escaping kerbin's SOI, landing on duna, visiting jool's moons. People still need to solve tests which gain them points, and if someone goes so far to learn the tests... then he deserved it to go, since there should be a lot of questions. We also give points for education.. etc. we'll also monitor everything to make sure that it's fair, and we reserve the right to cancel someone's progress if we
  4. I'm presenting a company that's interested in offering really-cheap/free zero g flights and cheap... ish... suborbital flights, and we are operating on a system of achievements that get the user a number of points, and after a year the user with most points gets zero-g / suborbital (the user pays half the price, we pay helf) flight. Users pay yearly subscriptions, and we were interested in cooperating with Squad to implement a mod that tracks the user's achievements and connects to our web server and sends the data. Who and how should I contact?
  5. Never seen you before. 0/10 Nice hat, btw.
  6. My vote goes for Úõрüðýþò (Kermanov)
  7. KSP for me crashes with mods because it uses too much ram, even though my ram is on 54% when KSP crashes. So it can't allocate more than 2 GB which is useless for this game. I'm on .18 and on .19 because the slowness for me is too much. Also I hate the new glitchy loading animation because it's doesn't work and suddenly it spins 1000r/s. Also the texture is glitchy for it. I also hate that I have to go to Space Center which is 30 seconds then to Tracking station which is 15 seconds and then to the flight and then to end the flight. It's really slow and useless.
  8. If the US didn't waste many attempts ignoring Von Braun, they would've been the first in everything. And if evil Joseph (Stalin) didn't imprison all enginners and staff the USSR would've landed on the moon, simply because Korolyov wouldn't die. And he died because he was tortured in Gulag and that deformed his mouth so they couldn't give him a breathing tube on an operation. US completly ignored Space, and public hated Werhner Von Braun because he was a nazi. That's what slowed down the US. Also the lack of spirit to compete first, since everyone in the world viewed US as a superiour country
  9. I'm just sad that space development stopped after someone won. It shows that our nations don't care about space at all.
  10. For me it depends. If I want to get stuff done I use mechjeb. If I want to have fun I manually. If I'm building a lunar base, I use mechjeb as the launch and rendzevous and docking and transfer and landing is increadibly boring. Also I get angry if something fails and I have wasted time.
  11. I pronounce it like Moon (actually my language equivalent of that, üõÑÂõц). Completly ignoring the Kerbal pronuncitation.
  12. Well space race is "race to space". So first one to space. So CCCP. moon race is the first one to the moon. ignoring robots, US won.
  13. I don't have money now, but I really want it. I hope I buy it soon.
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