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  1. You aint eating me son! Press button to becaume an Astronaut! On a oneway trip
  2. Jebidiah is a very coldheaded person, trust him in everything!
  3. I have returned from the dead to this forum..... (that counts as something right?) What updates have we had. I left right before the Asteroid thingy
  4. 1/10 Back after long Hiatus.... I really don't recall you that much
  5. I live after the KISS form of life. Keep It Simple Stupid
  6. My god that is ages ago. something like 0.11 i think
  7. Welcome to the freakshow And yes, we do not like pirates, but you have cleared yourself so it's all good. Also, there is a sub-assembly where you can save your launchers or landers. Fly safe.
  8. ****.... If he's starting to build up Rozer as a character, that might mean that Jeb will soon be gone.
  9. Because they enjoy playing their game that way. Now there really isn't much more to it. You could just as well ask why some people take two spoonfuls of sugar in their tea.
  10. The same thing happened to be. I used it for Minmus landings using the J-pack
  11. Use Ion engines for the vertical trust, and either RCS or Ion to move around. Gets much further around
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