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  1. You should spend more attention to the game you're playing, look at those facts: -No cities visible anywhere on Kerbin -Kerbals trying desperatly to get into space at all costs -Kerbals wearing their space suits even on Kerbin Therefore I say, the Kerban cities had to move underground centuries before now, as something caused their athmosphere to get hazardous to them. Having used up most of their resources the Kerbals desperatly try to find and reach another hospitable planet. So few brave Kerbals ascended from their underworld cities and gazed at the grassy fields, where once their biggest cities stood, a land that no Kerbal has seen for ages, and they started to put up the KSC.
  2. Great work, the throttle bug isn't there anymore, everything is working smoothly. Makes this plug-in even more amazing. Also had the first working decoupled-manned-lander test a few minutes ago, so the preparations for my Apollo-style mission can finally begin. Thank you very much!
  3. Thank you for your reply, Spaceghȫst! I started another try and reduced the equipment on my probe. At the moment it consists of the RemotePod, a additional RemoteControl Unit (I'll try it again without it later) and a IP Satdish. With the delay aroung 1s the throttle still took about ten times as long to go from 0% to 100% and it was constantly fudging around like the ASAS does with your controls when it's constantly correcting little misallignments.
  4. I could need some help with this Plug-In. I really like it so far, I managed to get some of its features going: I parked a Command-Truck at the KSC, equipped with 2 IP-dishes, 2 regular dishes and an antenna, and I have a satellite in orbit successfully relaying the radio-signal to an interplanetary probe on its way to Jool. But this is where the trouble started: The signal to the probe is ~10s delayed. Everything works as you would expect (and I like it a lot so far!), but one control doesn't work like it should, the throttle. It just won't go over ~5%. I keep shift pressed for about 5s, and after the delay, the throttle will just go up those 5% and start budging around there. Even if I keep pressing shift for about a minute, there is no real noticeable difference. I'm using version 0.17 , RemoteTech 0.34, with the temp fix found at post #310 and those mods: -Carts v1.34 -Fuel Transfer Mod v0.1.4 (no parts used in the savegame I'm testing RemoteTech) -CrewAbleEmptyPods v0.3.1 Any ideas, comments, tips? I think I skimmed through the whole thread, but if I missed something concerning this problem, I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction. Have to say it's a blast plug-in so far, adding some really cool features to play with! Keep up the good work!