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  1. Updated mod to version 1.7.1 Now speed has same precission as altitude (which is configurable from 0 to 3 digits) Download links on OP
  2. just take this mode and put it on MPHs because base game and all calculations are on m/s and the only thing this mod does is converting the speed when is shown in the navball. Anyway, I'll try to update it tomorrow to show more precision for speed as it is done for altitude.
  3. I'll try to make some changes to fulfill your request as soon as I have some spare time. Sorry, but I couldn't understand you... Speeds are calculated always from m/s, in which KSP works, to the desired unit, and not the other way around. Maybe you're requesting more precision, something I would do, but still have no clue on what are you referring to with 2+2=4 not 3, sorry.
  4. as FAR as I'm concerned (pun intended), FAR conflicts somehow with SUC because both try to write the speed at the same time. Maybe that's your problem.
  5. Actually if I remember correctly, it should be the opposite. On atmosphere It should allow you to change from m/s to other units (since that is the purpose of the mod)
  6. A Steam transfer can be done? I am also having problems trying to buy the expansion from KSP store, so I would be really happy if I could have KSP on Steam
  7. I updated it.. I'll try it to be sure is the correct one EDIT: Have to put version number on spacedock because it doesnt let me put the same version number. Should be correct now
  8. if the Zip does not contain a gamedata folder please re download the Zip file. It should contain It now
  9. Updated to version 1.7.0. Links in OP. Included code from @linuxgurugamer (thanks again!).
  10. Good work. I expect this weekend to include some code to show m/s and selected unit on the navball (as it is done currently for AP/PE on orbit mode) or something like this
  11. Thanks again for your suggestions. I hope I'll have some time this weekend to update the code a little bit
  12. Hi, first of all, thanks for your feedback! For three digits precision, I considered it as if you are in Km you can also have complete precision to the meter (2 units at once). For certain modes, there are thresholds as I thought it doesnt made sense to me to show units in Km for example if your altitude is 60m Yeah, didnt have that idea, but now thinking about it is really cool to have more than one unit displayed! https://github.com/lttito/SpeedUnitChanger-mod I thought I put it on the OP, but maybe it was on the development thread I created, that surely is on the bottom of dead threads, lol Any PR, suggestion, idea or bug report is really apreciated! Updated the OP with the github link of the project, that I forgot to add long ago
  13. I've personally not tested latest version with 1.2.2, but I guess it should work right. Just give it a go and see what happens
  14. Although is compiled for 1.3, it shouldn't have any problem with 1.3.1 If you install it and find any, please post it here to find a solution
  15. Are you using FAR or any other mod? I remember people complaining about this mod not working with FAR. Maybe is this or another mod. Please let me know which mods are you using to know which one is conflicting with SUC.
  16. In my humble opinion, it would be cool since the only apache looking cockpit comes from firespitter but aged not so well. Or maybe a Bell Cobra.
  17. Thank you very much for this new release, and specially for the cargo gears. Trully awesome!
  18. Cool looking cockpit. Also, I really miss some different types of air intakes, like F-4, B2 or F-117. Retrofuture had some models for intakes, but I miss some more variety
  19. Having a look at the code, this line keeps my attention: (line 127 of file BDArmory/BDArmory/Control/BDAirspeedControl.cs): if (mme && mme.mode != engines.Current.engineID) continue; Maybe on spanish the mode is not Wet /Dry but Húmedo/Seco and as the engineID is Wet/Dry it always makes the sentence true and then executes continue. Problem is I dont know how to obtain engineID translated. Cheers!
  20. Thanks for correct me and sorry to put words in mouth of others... I would offer myself for help also, but real life activities prevents me to have all the time I wish
  21. The Hercules landing gear is not working and blackheart stated that he has no plans to fix since is a PITA. Maybe we can join together and make a petition to Kerbal Foundries guys to make hercules wheels
  22. I've just created an issue on GitHub. The name displayed in spanish is Turbofan de Postcombustión J-404 "Panther", so is not translated. I made another test with 4 J-20 Juno and it works flawlessly. I will make a test with a goliath and post the results
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