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  1. I've been using all the basic starter parts stage 3= Easton s3 grand centre stage 2= ja10-37-6 alpha stage 1= easton 50 viking tv-4 I've checked the thrust of the s3 grand, it produces 1.16 kn of thrust, for a 1/4 of real scale for JNSQ it should be 2.6 kn of thrust, so its technically under powered, yet weirdly overpowered.
  2. is it just me or are the solid fuel rockets overpowered? I'm playing in JNSQ and the liquid fuel sections of the rockets work well but on the vanguard and explorer probes the final solid stages keep shooting me to escape kerbin. Iv'e been trying to recreate there actual orbits based on a 1/4 scale of the real probes. So vanguard im trying to launch to this orbit Perigee altitude 164.3km Apogee altitude 960km first 2 stages of vanguard gets me to about 130km which i think seems about right, but once the third stage solid kicks in i go into an escape trajectory Am I launchin
  3. Noticed you have animated the explorer 1 antenna's. This made me happier than it should of to see it, great effort on detail
  4. Yeah if you check Wikipedia all the orbits for the first explorer missions where lopsided. Explorer 1 Perigee altitude 358 kilometers (222 mi) 89.5KM at JNSQ 2.7x scale Apogee altitude 2,550 kilometers (1,580 mi) 637.5KM at JNSQ 2.7x scale I'd recommend using JNSQ, its at 2.7x scale and everything works perfectly at that scale. If I burn the first stage till its empty I usually hit about 100 KM or more, then fire the first Sergeant after hitting Apoapsis after using the RCS of the instrument section to align to the horizon. Burn the sergeants in sequence. Doing this I can us
  5. If you author the materials in substance painter you shouldn't have this issue, substance already has presets for unity 5 setup. You can import maps from Photoshop straight over, the main thing used to assign material values is a coloured ID Map that you can just manually author. From the looks of things its just a normal PBR rough setup for unity 5, I imagine this will be what ksp2 will use as they will most likely use substance for texturing
  6. You're work as always is excellent, do you already work professionally as a 3d artist? If not have you considered applying to star theory to work on ksp2? You're work here would more than serve as a portfolio
  7. I would love to get my hands on that config if it is at all possible
  8. @CobaltWolf Was playing around with your dev build of the new vanguard one probe and noticed that its solar panels are not working. I've tried the older version of the probe in the same build and the panels on that are working fine so i don't think its an issue with kopernicus or jnsq. I went over the probe CFG's for both versions and there entries for the new one look correct compared to the older one so i'm not sure exactly what has happened. Im running ksp 1.7.3
  9. sweet thanks I should get the hang of this now in no time Thanks again Klesh & Slash
  10. awesome ill have to give that a try - - - Updated - - - i tried what you suggested but did it with the new wing and. awesome, thank you
  11. okay, i will give it a go. I managed to fudge a recoverable science launch to get some more points to unlock the AV_T1 winglet
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