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  1. Apologies if someone has asked this before. Does anyone know what the performance impact is of ROTanks vs. Procedural Tanks? I'd like to use procedural tanks on some of my main stages, since there's more texture options. However, I don't know if this would cause more lag on larger rockets. Does anyone have any experience with lag differences between procedural tanks and ROTanks? Thanks a lot.
  2. Does the latest release of RealFuels for 1.3.1 require the fix .dll file listed in @Bornholio's spreadsheet?
  3. Sorry to bother you again, @Theysen. I followed your advice and re-downloaded the RO and RP-0 masters. I didn't change any of my other mods. Now, on attempting to load, I get 15 MM errors, and my game crashes after module manager finishes loading. I wasn't having this problem before, so should I just use the earlier RO file I had downloaded and copy the RD-108 fixes from the new file? Output log here.
  4. I'm sorry if this issue has been raised before (I haven't seen it mentioned on the last few pages, so I don't think it has). I recently downloaded the dev RO/RP-1 mod suite. After a fair amount of early troubleshooting (Thanks @Bornholio and @JohnMcLane for your help), the mods seem to be stable and working as designed. However, after unlocking the RD-108, I found that it didn't have any alternative configurations. Indeed, right-clicking on it in the VAB didn't even reveal the "Engines GUI" menu that almost every other engine has. The configs are listed in the R&D center, but they don't sh
  5. There are tools which will help you plan flybys, including Transfer Window Planner and Flyby Finder for RSS. If you're looking for something that will actually help you get in the right inclination orbits (always the hardest part, in my opinion), this tool will help. It requires Mechjeb, but RO installs that by default. Does that answer your question, or are you looking for something else?
  6. Are you using the GitHub master or the latest SpaceDock release? I originally had the problem when using the GitHub master, which I assumed would be the most compatible. After seeing you didn't have any problems, I tried the latest SpaceDock release, which fortunately does seem to work fine.
  7. I just tested out the latest release of the RO Development build. Almost everything seems to be working well, but, for whatever reason, the oceans are not appearing at all in standard ship view. They show up in the map view, but are absent in normal view. I'm using the very latest release of Kopernicus, Scaled RSS-Textures 8192 pack, the RSS master, and TextureReplacerReplaced. Here's my output log. Let me know if there's any other information I can provide which would be useful. Thanks for your help.
  8. That's fine. Don't feel pressure to come back to it unless you're ready. I appreciate the work you've done with it up to this point, but I know that real life always takes precedence. Would you be okay with allowing someone else to update it while you're busy?
  9. Sorry to bother you guys again, but I made a fresh install, and now find myself unable to run KCT. When I start a new game, it asks me to select a preset. I choose RP-0, and then the window abruptly "closes," leaving only a gray sliver of the window. After this, clicking the KCT button has no effect. I made two fresh reinstalls, and both had the same problem. I don't understand why this didn't happen to me the first time, and is instead only happening now. Obviously, the game is basically unplayable with this situation. Here's an output log of my game. Thanks for your help with this. I w
  10. I don't think these engines work in RO 1.3.1. When I loaded my game, I got several ModuleManager errors in the FRE RO engine config files, and when I went to test the engines, they all showed up as "non-RO," consuming LiquidFuel and Oxidizer instead of their proper fuel mixtures. Let me know if you need an output log. I deleted that install file (I was having other problems unrelated to FRE), but I can run FRE again on a new install if you need the log data.
  11. Hmm. Both RemoteTech and TestFlight seem pretty essential to a proper RP-0/RP-1 playthrough. I haven't tried out the stock communication system. Is that a reasonable alternative to RemoteTech? As for TestFlight, I don't really see any alternatives, and playing without it really messes up the balance of the game. Are you also getting significant stuttering as a result of these mods? I was thinking about Memgraph. I didn't know if it worked with the RP-1 suite of mods. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely make sure to install that in my new install.
  12. Hmm. I'll try deleting [x] science, but I'm not sure that's it. You said it didn't affect you if you didn't have the window open, and this stuttering happened without the [x] science window open. In addition, it affected my sandbox save, in which I would think [x] science would be deactivated. Edit: Yeah, that wasn't it. I'm not really sure what's causing the stuttering. I'll try a fresh install and attempt to test the mods in stages as far as possible.
  13. I just downloaded and tried out the RP-1 development build. Let me say, first, that it looks really interesting, and is a significant improvement over the previous RP-0 campaign. However, upon attempting to launch my first, dinky sounding rocket, I encountered fairly severe stuttering issues. About every second, the game would freeze up for about a quarter of a second. This happened both in career mode and in sandbox mode. Since there were many new mods I installed, most of which were required to run RP-1 and so I couldn't easily test in isolation, I don't know which mod (or mods) is (are) cau
  14. Is there any way that plane-related contracts could be made more lucrative and practical in the mid-late game? I ask because, after the early X-plane contracts, there's really no reason to build planes at all. I think that aerial reconnaissance, spaceplane, or even just passenger airline contracts would be fun and interesting, and add a reason to build planes beyond the early game. In a related note, is there a way KAX could be made compatible with RP-0. It has some parts that would be useful in building aircraft for the above missions.
  15. Is there any way KAX could be adapted for RO compatibility? I was just thinking about how planes are very under-used in the stock game and RO. I was thinking an airline, aerial reconnaissance, or spaceplane contract pack for RP-0 would be really fun to play, and getting KAX compatible with RO would help with building certain plane designs.
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