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  1. Ok, I did a fresh new install, just RSS+ dependencies, RSSVE, scatterer, and EVE. Scatterer seems (?) to be working. It's a lot less hazy than I remember it, and I don't see a reddish layer on the horizon or near the terminator as I thought there should be. (Maybe that's just differences between RVE and RSSVE) The ocean shaders and clouds are working. Worryingly, though, I still can't open the scatterer GUI in any scene. I'm not quite sure why that is. I noticed that when initializing the new copy of KSP, it seemed to freeze at "loading asset bundle definitions" and had to be restarted using the launcher, after which it worked. I'm not used to 1.2.2, so I'm not sure if that's a normal feature on a new install. If it's not, does that have anything to do with my inability to bring up the gui, and/or the issues I was having in the previous install? By the way, thanks so much for your help, it means a lot that you would go out of your way to help one person having seemingly intractable problems when the vast majority of users have little to no difficulty with the mod.
  2. Sorry, I was confusing it with EVE, which is distributed on github. So if the Scatterer files are okay, then is it a problem with mods besides RSSVE dependencies? I wouldn't think those would have any effect on it. I also have a different sunflare mod for scatterer, but that shouldn't have an effect, since it only affects the sun, right?
  3. Hmm. Does it seem like a conflict with other mods in my install, or is this a problem with just Scatterer? If the latter, why is this happening? I've deleted and re-downloaded scatterer about 5 times now, all directly from Github or Spacedock. Shouldn't those files be functional?
  4. I'm still having the exact same problem. I tried replacing Kopernicus with the latest backport for 1.2.2, tried using both Scatterer 0.0300 and 0.0320, deleted your patch, checked that my EVE is the right version, checked that my version of RSSVE is the latest version, and nothing worked. I notice that I am unable to bring up the scatterer menu through Alt-F10 or Alt-F11, either in the menu or in-game. I wonder if that has any relation to my problem.
  5. I just moved my RO/RSS install from 1.1.3 to 1.2.2, and, of course, I wanted a visual pack. I figured I'd choose something other than RVE, since that seems pretty outdated at this point. So, I was really happy when I found this mod, as it seems to fulfill the same purpose. However, I'm having the same problem that KSPLenny:D, RocketBlam, and Jack95970002 were having, which was the dark blue sky, fading to bright green and red as I gained altitude, while the night sky was completely black, and the scatterer features were not working at all. I made sure to install Scatterer 0.0300 as that seemed to be the problem for the last person I mentioned. However, this did nothing. I also installed the RSSVE patch thoughtfully provided by Galileo. However, this also failed to fix the problem. Currently, the sky in my install looks like in the pictures below. I've provided the output log below. Here's a complete list of mods I am using in this install. Semi-Saturatable Reaction Wheels v. 1.12 [x] Science! v5.6 AIES Aerospace v. 1.6.1 AJE v. 2.8.0 ALCOR v. 0.9.6 Alternate Resource Panel v. ASET Agency v. 1.0 B9 Procedural Wings - Fork v. 0.40.12 B9 Part Switch v. 1.7.1 Community Category Kit v. Community Resource Pack v. Community Tech Tree v. 3.0.3 Connected Living Space v. Constellation Essentials v. 1.4 Contract Configurator v. 1.22.2 Cryo Engines v. 0.4.6 Cryo Tanks v. 0.3.5 Custom Barn Kit v. Deadly Reentry Cont. v. 7.6.0 Deployable Engines v. 0.3.5 DOE v. 1.8.1 DOE-RSS v. 1.8.1 DMagic v. 1.3.8 EVE v. 1.2.2-1 Engine Lighting v. 1.5 FASA v. 7.2 FAR v. Filter Extensions v. Final Frontier v. 1.2.7-3080 Firespitter Core v. 7.5.1 Firespitter Resources config v. 7.5.1 Forgotten Real Engines v. Freedom Textures v. 1.5 Hanger Extender v. 3.4.9 JSI Advanced Transparent Pods v. KCT v. KJR v. 3.3.2 Kerbal Renamer v. 0.7 Kopernicus v. 2:release 1.3.0-4 KRASH v. KSCSwitcher v. 0.7 KSP AVC v. KW Rocketry v. 3.1.4 MagiCore v. 1.2.5 MechJeb2 v. ModularFlightIntegrator v. Module Manager v. 2.7.6 Persistent Rotation v. 1.8.4 Planet Shine v. Procedural Fairings v. 3.20 Procedural Fairings For Everything v. 0.20 Procedural Parts v. 1.2.11 Procedural Parts- Mainsailor's Procedural Textures - Essential v. Procedural Parts - Mainsailor's Procedural Textures - Complete v. RasterPropMonitor v. 0.28.1 RasterPropMonitorCore v. 0.28.1 RCS Build Aid v. 0.9.1 Real Fuels v. 12.2.1 Real Plume v. 10.5.1 RSS v. 12.0.0 RSS Textures - 8192x4096 v. 10.4 RealChute v. RealHeat v. 4.4 RO v. 11.5.1 RP-0 v. 0.54 Reentry Particle Effect v. 1.2a RT v. 1.8.6 Retractable Lifting Surface Module v. 0.1.3 RSS Date Time Formatter v. SCANsat v. 16.11 Ship Manifest v. Smokescreen v. Solver Engines v. 3.1 Soviet Engine Pack v. 0.3 StageRecovery v. 1.7.2 SXT Cont. v. TACLS v. 0.13.0 Taerobee v. 3.0 TestFlight v. TextureReplacer v. 2.5.4 Toolbar v. 1.7.13 Transfer Window Planner v. TriggerAu Flags v. VSR v. 1.9.6 Output Log Images: The Sky's Messed Up Apologies if I failed to follow the proper bug report procedure. I tried to follow your instructions to the letter, but I'm sure I missed something. Thanks so much for your help.
  6. Okay, so I thought the issue regarding space station contracts had been fixed. I launched a new space station, docked to it, then waited for the specified time. However, upon undocking, the contract parameter for "return the crew home" continued to track the station, not my crew capsule, as the return vessel. Another parameter, however, called "keep the station in orbit" also tracked the station. So, there are two problems I face. One, I didn't equip the station with a heatshield or parachutes, so I can't possibly return the crew in it. (Even if I did include those, it wouldn't be aerodynamically stable, and would probably tumble and burn up). Two, I can't keep the station in orbit and return crew in it! Is there a way I can get the contract to recognize my crew capsule as the return vessel? I though Contract Configurator had fixed this particular issue. Maybe it's an issue with the RP-0 contract itself. Does anyone have any advice on how to resolve this issue?
  7. I solved the problem by just deleting the old contract from the save file. I thought that would lead to save corruption, but everything seems to be working. The "First Space Station" contract is now available from the mission control building.
  8. @leudaimon I actually tried doing exactly that, but the game saved the vessel ID of the original station, and so didn't recognize the new station as the one for the contract. I think there's a contract in RP-0 for a "new space station," but I can't get that one to trigger. The contract configurator window for it says "unknown: not met."
  9. Is there a way to reopen previously completed contracts? I had an issue (this was several months ago) where, when attempting the "first space station" contract, docking and undocking from the station would reset the "crew required" and time duration parameters. As a result, I was unable to complete the contract fairly and had to manually force it to complete through a text editor. After I was done, I destroyed the station to make sure I never tried another station mission, to avoid the hassle I went through the first time. Now, this issue has been fixed, and I'd like to start doing station contracts again. However, the only ones available are "station crew rotation," which tell me to rendezvous with a non-existent space station. Is there a way I can reset the "first space station" contract, so I can complete it properly this time?
  10. Is there a way RP-0 could incorporate contracts to orbit satellites of specific masses, and adjust rewards accordingly? There doesn't seem to be a point to using the larger probe cores, or building heavy-lift rockets, for this reason. As a result, I don't find myself using a lot of larger, more expensive engines or probe cores, when lighter, smaller rockets and probes can fulfill all satellite contracts at lower cost. I'm sorry to bother you when you're working on a new release. It's just been a consistent annoyance for me in RP-0.
  11. Is there a way to disable rated burn times in the difficulty menu, or do I have to manually edit config files for each engine? There are some great engines in RO that have low rated burn times. It might be slightly unrealistic, but I like to be able to have engines burn for very long amounts of time. (Ex. XLR81, which was designed to burn for only about 4 minutes, which I often use for stages with 20 min. burn times) I haven't used TestFlight for this reason, so I'd be really grateful to know if there's a way to fix this. Thank you.
  12. I love solid rocket motors. They can be great for reliable, fairly low-cost launchers, and I the constraints they incur. However, I feel like the procedural solid rocket motors become useless by the mid to late-game. Their dry masses are higher than the existing solids provided, and they a procedural booster costs a lot more than a provided booster of the same size. Together, this makes them nearly unusable when you have advanced solids available, which is a shame. I really like the ability to customize solid rocket motors to my liking, but their performance isn't good enough to justify it. Also, I've noticed that, in my install at least, procedural SRBs can only gimbal in one direction, which can make control very difficult. They also don't seem to have thrust curves, which isn't a huge issue, but a nice realism touch to have.
  13. @Fizwalker Are your fuels settled? For most upper stage engines, the fuel stays stable for a couple of seconds following MECO, but after that, it is often necessary to use RCS or solid motors for ullage. If your're not getting the message "[Engine] has encountered vapor in feed lines and has shut down!" when trying to start your engines, then your fuel is stable. You can see that in the engine icon in the lower left. If it is red, your fuel is unstable, and your engine should not be ingnited. Most engines also require certain resources to ignite. For instance, many kerolox engines require TEATEB, although this is included by default, and typically matches the number of ignitions your engine has. Most other engines require ElectricCharge to ignite (presumably using sparkplug ignition systems, or some power to open fuel valves). Other than that, the only thing I can think of off the bat is to make sure that your staging is set up correctly.
  14. I remember that after downloading Mainsailor's part textures, I was unable to choose those custom textures on tanks on previously constructed rockets. Does the same issue apply here, and, if so, will using previously created rockets cause any performance impact (My thinking is that the tank part files are outdated, and might be handled differently for some reason)? Thanks for the response. I like Mainsailor's textures, but find myself not using most of them. I can definitely see myself using a bunch of these textures, though.
  15. I love this mod! Outstanding work on these engines, they make a wonderful complement to FRE. I just want to make sure before I download, however, are these engines RP-0 compatible?