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  1. Would be cool to have a foldable rover fit in one! Taking up the whole unit obviously. Similar to the Apollo rovers! I'm sure a mod will come for it.
  2. I sure hope they fix the surface issues and having stuff bouncing around. It would be so annoying to have your lander and all the surface experiments bouncing around and sliding on the ground.
  3. 0.15. [snip] I was instantly hook. I remember buying it right after that and sinking hours and hours and hours in to it. Honestly to me, 0.18 was the pinnacle of the game. We finally got the long awaited docking feature, Nova did the entire rework of the stock parts. Everything was just better. The games still fun, but its just not the same anymore.
  4. Recently downloaded and updated to 1.2. All my favorite mods are updated for it outside of Trajectories. Is there any other mod that does the same as it that is currently updated to 1.2?
  5. Hey Guys! I just wanted to stop back in and leave a little post. About 15 pages ago I asked if the 12" MacBook would play KSP very well. I ended up getting my hands on one from eBay for half off and fired up KSP on it. With everything on half settings (which doesn't look too shabby at all) it plays the game very well. No slow down. No Nothing. Just perfect KSP. This is a 2015 model too. 2016 is better yet.
  6. So, are the landing legs broken? How do I get them to work? I ready through the last 7 pages of the thread and didn't see any fixes. 1.1.2?
  7. Hi guys! I know it may have been covered somewhere in the past posts but I don't really feel like reading through 137 pages. And a forum search only led me to one post on the subject. I've got into playing KSP again and I would really like to buy a computer to play it on when I have down time at work. Thing is, it has to be a Mac. I was looking at the top of the line 15-inch model MacBook Pro but I was curious how well just the regular MacBook would run KSP. Anybody try that before?
  8. Am I the only one excited for "will soon be available on third party platforms"?
  9. Everything is GO for a landing. 8-12 mph winds and 11.5ft waves.
  10. It's the same rocket. Just different sides. This was the first Falcon 9 v1.2 Full Thrust to launch and the thruster pods are lower to the first stage than the older v1.1 rocket. Plus the Grid Fin actuators don't have fairings like the 1.1 rocket did either.
  11. I think I fixed it. Not used to the new forum.....
  12. All is good. Not working any problems currently. Weather looks optimistic.
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