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  1. Regarding running ckan on Mac. I tried launching it again and it finally launched after a VERY long time (3-5 mins). Apparently mono is just slow. Oh well.
  2. A few problems here. Running 1.2.0 RC2. 1) Can't run it on Mac. Running it using Mono will result in a process launching and then not doing anything. Verbose mode give the last command it's stuck on so if you want I can provide that info (not on a Mac atm so can't do it right away) 2) On Windows it does launch but fails to install some mods. Basically trying to install B9 will result in the following log: About to remove: Done! About to install... * B9 R5.2.6 (cached) and that's it. Nothing will actually happen and if there are any mode mods further down the queue (like B9 dependencies)
  3. It does but only if you inspect something closely on a high res pack such as B9. There's some noticeable blurring when you zoom in closely. It's not that visible during normal gameplay though.
  4. May I ask why? I mean technically it would make sense for probes to have some very short range built-in communication ability. I'm not trying to be pushy or anything, after all it IS easy to add myself. Just being curious.
  5. Would it be possible to add some build-in short-range antenna for probe bodies (thinking no more than 5km transmission range in full LoS). Basically it's for making service probes and RCS tugs so they don't require extra parts.
  6. Completely unable to run KSP with latest update (and yes, I did narrow it down to B9). Insane lag and sometimes texture corruption in the editor. Crash when I try to launch a craft.
  7. Great idea. That's the features I want most from RemoteTech. Signal delay and alike is a bit too much burden if you ask me.
  8. .DS_Store is actually Mac OS file which contains information similar to Thumbs.db and folder(?).ini on Windows. So no, it's not git info and you should not even have it in your repo.
  9. Never tried that but I have a sneaky suspicion it won't work since the help doc specifically states that you need to be in circular orbit, 0 inclination since that's taken as a base for calculations.
  10. Also noticed an issue (did not investigate further, it's 2 a.m.). Created a ship made of stock parts and 4 Damned Robotics rotatrons. 0 FPS, physics never kicked in.
  11. When you enable ASAS it tries to correct every tiny 0.0000001 degree course deviation with RCS burning fuel very very fast.
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