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  1. I've been meaning to ask this for ages. And finally had time to attempt to research for an answer. Any way to fix the engine fuels and crew members appearing doubled?
  2. I always use dev builds. Here is a video example of what I mean. Even did a modless fresh install. Rocket launches fine, ascends fine, gravity turn fine, then once it gets to the coasting and circularization phase it completely freaks out.. I disabled ascent guidance to show SAS indeed works but soon as I engage ascent guidance again the craft freaks out again. Other stock rockets will exhibit this behavior during initial ascent. Some work flawlessly, others like this don't.. I haven't found the common denominator yet. Completely stock using dev build 751.. It's been doing this for many dev builds now.
  3. I've read a lot about the landing bug and docking issues with 1.3.1 and MechJeb but has anyone else had issues with ascent guidance where the rocket seamlessly starts spinning aimlessly? Some stock rockets will start almost right after liftoff, others will start doing it shortly after reaching "space" and spin and rotate for the circularization burn but never actually get aimed correctly. Some stock rockets launch and orbit fine, were other stock rockets just start doing their own thing like there is SAS or control systems.
  4. I replaced SSRSS's with the one from the E.T.O mod. It's not as simple as just replacing files though. I had to do some Photoshop work so it would work correctly. If you just replace files the city lights do not or will not work correctly. I would link to my DDS file but since it's using an image from another persons mod I'll skip on doing that as I'm not sure of the particulars on the rules of doing such a thing. It's not full E.T.O but the important part is there.. A better looking Earth.
  5. Oh I know.. Believe me.. Just didn't feel like writing a tl;dr post. But yes.. Most modders are modders because they're modding other peoples mods and took guidance from other modders.. Rinse repeat. Trickle down affect.. etc..
  6. It's really amazing when you think about what Kerbal started out as graphics wise.. Then... We're up to this... Developers don't get enough credit for their hard work.. Which is a hobby. They take an insane amount of abuse, an insane amount of unwarranted self importance, insane demands, and dealing with people who don't read. So.. The few times I do post on here.. It's to say thanks and not poodle and complain... Because unfortunately.. 80% poodle and demand, 20% just say thank you. My own recording using SSRSS and a few other mods... When you read, and follow instructions.. You can dream the day away in a false reality of perfection.. This is what Kerbal is and always will be about.. Escaping... And dreaming...
  7. My sun flare? Oh yeah.. Reading up noticed that's the hot topic huh? Yeah.. It's fine.. Following instructions isn't hard.
  8. Still loving this mod.. Never an issue... Just checking it to say nothing more than thank you again to @Galileo
  9. I would seriously suggest deleting your entire KSP install and starting from scratch.. You seem to be the only one experiencing that.. You most likely have other mods installed that are conflicting/not compatible.
  10. Gotcha so all is as intended then.. Chalking it up to an anomaly then.. Reinstalling Kopernicus fixed it.
  11. Strange.. Reinstalled Kopernicus and it fixed it sorta.. Even though it's from the same zip I originally used (latest version as mentioned in my previous post).. Scatterer does add that surface shadow though the first screenshot showed.. Removed Scatterer and the surface shadow is gone. Still even then.. The rings are still broken.. It's like the shadow is casting through the rings... And nope. I'm using the latest SSRSS.. Complete clean install of the entire game.