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  1. yes. I've faced the same trouble, but after restart UI works fine. KS3P definitely need button in Toolbar. and I still don't understand how to save my setting - now i need to change everything manually after each start the game.
  2. this mod is strictly for Realism Overhaul, not for stock KSP.
  3. Hi. Can you add RD-57 (D-57 or 11D57). This is upper stage hydrolox from late 60`s. There is nice model in DECQ's mod and some comfig in RO.
  4. Chutes burns on reentry, RSS+RO. I saw it myself and on NathanKell`s stream.
  5. Did you mean 1.1.3? I have versions for 1.0.5 and 1.2.2, works fine with related versions, but not with 1.1.3. One of the most useful mod in RSS+RO.
  6. I can not find build for KSP 1.1.3. Did it ever exist? Dont't ask why I need such old version)
  7. Great idea, but it leads to groving part count. Maybe it would be better to make one part with selection, like in SSTU parts?
  8. I used this mod actively in RSS+RO 1.1.3. Now I try to use it in 1.2.2 and have issues. First - not all RCS engines have configs for using real fuels. Second - strange effect with RealPlume. Engines seems to work constantly: They are turned off all. Small and big versions can be configured to RealFuel (Aerozine50, UDMH, etc), middle version have only Monopropellant configuration. Is it posible to make some path for RealismOverhaul and RealPlume? This is very sad I can't use the best RCS engines(
  9. There is pre-release of RO for 1.2.2 and it works well. And it'll be much better with updated FRE )
  10. Can't wait for new RO to test this mod. Looks very promising. Will it work on 1.2.2 RSS+RO (after release. of course)?
  11. Great mod. But it breaks the initial positions on the planets, and because of that replicas of historical missions are impossible. Is it possible to correct somehow?
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