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  1. As said, the effect of the distance to the Sun is praticaally negligible. The fact that the northern hemisphere has more land area and the southern is mostly sea should be a much more significative influence.
  2. Aphelion and perihelion, please, don't mix Latin and Greek. And judging by the polygon-like shape of Venus's orbit, it seems that's a VERY rough simulation. I don't think it would be reliable for 100 years at all.
  3. So, you're the 164535th person on this thread to make that unrunny joke? Must be really proud of yourself.
  4. Are you sure you're not talking about the British Museum?
  5. It depends on how you interpret orbital eccentricity. A eccentricity of one could be a parabola. Or it could be a straight line segment, which is the case here. Think of a circle with eccentricity zero and increasing to one. If you keep b constant and increase a you get a parabola. If you keep a constant and decrease b you have a line.
  6. A painting has no emotions or self-awareness. A painting is not alive. Do you value your life so little that you would be willing to cease to exist simply to let someone who looks like you get somewhere quickly?
  7. I think another problem with the title is that some of the images are really famous, so it's not that hard to believe they're real.
  8. I think it's like an answer for "What's that causes..." "What's that causes the injuries?" "That's what causes the injuries."
  9. The fact that you put that two sentences next to another, separated by a comma, usually means that one is an explanation or example of the other.
  10. Gravity is the weakest of all forces, you can't really measure it when there are forces 10^30 times stronger in place. Not on the scale where we have observed antimatter.
  11. Well, humans never went to a star, and we only explored an insignificant portion of the Cosmos. I think spacenaut would be the most technically correct.
  12. At first it's funny, then it turns philosophical.
  13. Well, there could be another symbols in the future... Guess which one is the "save" button:
  14. Yeah, I'm pretty sure space travel wouldn't be pratical for a species that only lives for a few hours
  15. I would not watch a video with ratings disabled, except in very exceptional circunstances. This is probably not one of them.
  16. True. I've certainly seen it before. I've also seen the first one (as you could guess by the name, this is a sequel)
  17. The kinetic energy isn't increasing exponentially, it's increasing quadratically. But what you're describing is the Oberth Effect, so mentioned in KSP. Basically, you gain more energy per unit of fuel because the exhaust that exits the engine gains less engine. When you're at rest, the exhaust exits the rocket at high speed. If the rocket is moving fast, close to the exhaust speed, the exhaust smoke would appear to exit the engine with no speed. (I don't know if that makes sense, maybe I'll need to rewrite it later to clarify.)
  18. Hey, people, if you want to continue to discuss the relativity issues, you should probably open another thread, before a moderator closes this one.
  19. You're the one making assertions here, and failed to provide any proof. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Denying centuries-old theories, specially one of the most tested and respected in history, is certainly a extraordinary claim.
  20. So can you answer how much energy is needed to an electron reach light speed?
  21. What is "the speed"? The speed of light or the speed of the electrons?
  22. He said you need infinite energy to accelerate a electron to light speed, not any speed.
  23. Zero Zero Zero Undefined, infinity, or -1/12, depending on how you look at it.