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  1. Nice video, but a few things: 1) Massive copyright violation off the bat. Seriously. 2) Other star systems aren't "Solar" systems. That's ours, because our sun's name is Sol. 3) Some typos. ("Despatched", "brining", "its") 4) No sound in space.
  2. One of the first things anybody notices about Kerbin is the lack of cities. Wouldn't that be something?
  3. I'm going to guess it's an Intro video sequence. The game has always kind of gone straight to the menu without any cinematics.
  4. How have you been around since 1987 and then write an OP like this? (lolwut * OP's drunk?) ^ tl;dr
  5. Now that we have destructible/upgradable buildings, I wish we could pay Funds to restore the island airport and the inland space center -- once we've found it, of course. From there, we could add interplanetary construction supplies to the Tech tree. First you unlock orbital construction equipment, which lets you eventually launch from LKO, and then planetary construction equipment, for moon bases and whatnot. Like the Orbital Construction mod but advanced and vanilla.
  6. I laughed loudly. Posters complaining about Alt Quicksaves in T-Minus: 3 ... 2 ....
  7. I got better at maneuvers when I started doing things without MechJeb. I still get certain angles wrong, but I have a better understanding of how to use multiple nodes to optimize fuel efficiency during transfers and rendezvous. Docking is much easier without it, now.
  8. That's a great gif. I like that the results are pretty even right now. I'm planning to build a protective Dyson shield with asteroids. It'll make for an interesting game of pinball when one gets hit.
  9. I have yet to discover an asteroid on a collision course. I'm patiently waiting on a Class D that will get within 69,000 meters in 40 days, but that's the closest so far.
  10. Honestly, I thought I'd have a little more trouble setting up each rendezvous, but I'm 2/2 so far. I know it's basically the same as docking, but if you miss a rendezvous with another craft, it'll always come back around. I've also only gone after asteroids withing 10,000 km (EDIT: had said 10 million) periapses, but only because those were the first two to encounter Kerbin. The fact that they were both in the system pretty quick also completely changed the way I went through the science tree. I got science, then went straight to heavy parts. I only have the flat solar cells, and went through the Heavy and Heavier rocketry much sooner than usual.
  11. I don't know if I can make the type of ship necessary to haul it back to HKO without asking Jeb to get out and push.
  12. Yeah, the swirl is unrealistic. You need to copy the moon silhouette, then use a bulge or pinch tool, and paste a copy of the moon over it.
  13. Yes, but when building craft, I often pick things, throw them away, pick them again, etc. If a tab is open with an object that looks like what I want, I just assume it's what I want. It's not a problem with any other part, obviously, it's just kind of a Kerbal-y thing to do.
  14. First, I forgot to put an antenna on my four-science-module Mun lander, which is fine, because I planned on taking things back anyway. That will cost me a couple hundred in crew reports and EVA reports I can't send back, but whatever. Second, I just found out I put monoprop on my lander instead of goo canisters. There aren't even any thrusters! Of course I discovered this right after I landed. What a waste. Who else has done this? I should have been more careful, but those two things also shouldn't use the exact same object model.
  15. Fighter planes and jets in real life use multiple intakes per engine, so I don't see how it's "unrealistic" to use multiple non-clipping intakes per engine in KSP, a game with small planets not very far apart and a space program but no cities.
  16. Assuming reusability will be incentivized in the final release, I try to keep everything intact upon re-entry.
  17. I've been a few days late with every release up to this point. Until recently, I couldn't build planes, dock space stations, or go any farther than Duna, so I got bored and just checked back every couple of weeks to see if new stuff was ready yet. This is the first time I'm actually squatting on the forum for an update. The addition of career mode and science has me hooked, as does me just getting better at the game. I think I'll send the entire Astronaut Complex complement on an extrasolar trajectory to close out .22 tonight.
  18. Last week I built my first working spaceplane, a prototype called the Jumping Jack. Its successor in form and function is the Pagoda 1, powered by 3 SABRE engines from the B9 pack. The wing structure isn't terribly attractive, but that's the part of plane design in KSP that I've always had trouble with. I'm just happy the planes I'm building now don't go *SPLOOSH*.
  19. There are basically two posts repeated ITT: 1) "I can't overfill the physical space and I shouldn't be constrained by realism." 2) "It's unrealistic to use LF capacity to add LOX or vice versa." You know what you CAN do if you want more fuel than oxidizer? Decrease your oxidizer and leave your fuel the same. Yes, you won't have a full tank, but a single rocket fuel tank should have proportional max capacities. Squad can't make special tanks with every possible ratio of max-fuel:max-oxidizer just to make complainers happy. If you want the game to be more customized, modify your files. That's how it's worked for a while, and always will. This is an alpha game still. This update will be an improvement. Is it perfect? No, but it's also not a finished product. Everybody who spent money on this game should understand that by now.
  20. You know what you can do if you want stupid numbers on a single ship? Save on the launchpad, then edit your save file. VOILA. You know what you can do if you want stupid numbers of every ship? Edit your config files. VOILA. If you want to cheat, it's not hard, but don't blame the devs for not writing it into the game.
  21. But you're not carrying dead weight at any point. Mixing jet and rocket engines means carrying excess tonnage at every point in your flight. Plus, they exist in real life, so why not include them?
  22. Are there any mods that add an audible terrain warning?
  23. My first SSTO, the Jumping Jack. (Because that's kind of what it looks like?) I'm new to building working planes, so I don't know if all those air intakes are really necessary, or if I should add more to the SABREs. I screwed up on ascent and wasted fuel, and ended up having to do my entire descent and landing on a glide. Worked out though. Now to scale it up!
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